Cinder- A Futuristic Sci-Fi Cinderella

Cinder Book CoverBook’s Name: Cinder

Author’s name: Marissa Meyer

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I selected this book because of its cover. A foot instead of glass slipper and that too with a red stiletto. What an idea! 🙂

Now you might be wondering why was I checking the cover of this book. Are you going to snort if I say it was because of the cover of its upcoming second sequel, Cress? 😀

Although I can swoon over the cover throughout the post, I do understand that the book is more than its cover. I had heard a lot about this book. I never got around to reading it because it lies in Sci-Fi genre, and anything that is not romance is not in my priority list of reading. The near-release date of Cress has forced me to prepone the reading of first two books.

Anyway, the book was a nice surprise. It intermixed the new and the old in such a manner that the resulting mocktail tingled the mind and imagination.


Merrisa Meyer brings to life a Cinderella in the world where android and cyborgs live. Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who lives in Beijing with her adopted family. Enter the evil stepmother, stepsisters. The book also have a prince, Prince Kai, who’s the catch of the Ball.

Like the original story, Cinder is exploited by her mom and one of the stepsisters who do not want her to go to the royal ball. But that’s where the similarity ends. Welcome our villain, the Lunar Queen Levana, who wants to rule the earth through Prince Kai with a sword of intergalactic war. And Prince Kai’s choices are quite bleak.

The book builds a world after fourth world war which is similar to the today’s world yet different. There are similar open-markets, politics and discriminations, but all of them are spiced with the ID chips, spaceships, and glamour. Cinder as a protagonist entrances the reader. Her witty sarcasm and kind-hearted nature makes the reader feel for her.

What I liked:

1) The World of Cinder- “How fascinating you’re! You reel me in with all your machine talk. You glued me to the book with your Lunar glamour. Though I guessed climax and the mystery earlier, I still wanted to read the story and understand what different things are going to happen in your universe. “

2) Iko, the android- “You, with your faulty personality  and girlfriend streak. Chuck humans! I want you as my friend and side-kick.”

This made Cinder pause and squint into Iko’s blinding light. “Why would the prince dance with me?”

Iko’s fan hummed as she sought an answer. “Because you won’t have grease on your face this time.”

Who else could manage to be so mechanically correct than you, Iko!

3) Cinder– “You are amazing with your heart and all the mechanical parts at the right places. You could have been more bold, but you still managed to tug my heart with your dilemmas in the plague-ridden world. Your vulnerabilities and your wrench will stay with me for a long time.”

4) Plot– “I can’t decide whether to love your or not. I loved you when you focussed on Cinder and the world and hated you when you branched out to give us the sequel’s introduction. I loved you when you made Cinder do the heroic things and hated you when you sprinkled romance in Prince Kai’s dishes. Bah, I can’t decide!”

What irked me:

1) Prince Kai– “Darling! You’re a nice character but your chemistry with Cinder is absolutely off. You’ll be better off with Levana because at least your communication with her is much more interesting. Don’t spoil Cinder’s attitude for us.”  

2) Plot– “Oh Plot, do you not know there should not be a public celebration during the time of plague? Think about those who died? Think about how you are enhancing the health risks? You did not play the plague card in correct manner.

3) Romance–  “Oh, honey, have you heard about inert chemistry? I know this is a YA book and all, but couldn’t you sizzle a bit more, just a bit more?”

4) Ending– “How could you be so insensitive? You ended without actually ending? What about Kai and Cinder’s romance? What is going to happen to Kai now? You have to answer these questions.”

Overall Opinion:

It’s an enjoyable read. It could have been much better if all the loose ends were tied together. but despite of all the loopholes, it managed to capture and retain my interest. I finished it not because I was compulsed into finishing the book, but because I wanted to know how is the story going to unfold. Despite the predictable plot, it kept me hooked to the personality of Cinder.


Four Stars


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