THEY’RE MADE OUT OF MEAT by TERRY BISSON- A short story review

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Last week was a speculative fiction week. Not by design, but just by co-incidence. I found this story as a random story while clicking something on Google. I just didn’t expected it to be this good. I am not much of a sci-fi reader, but this story riveted me with its alien talks. The whole story involves two aliens who react to the “meat” species(I’ll not spoil the fun for you here!) trying to send signals to the space. There is no action shown but each dialogue is so craftily mastered that the readers can feel their disdain for meat through the paper.

In around 850 words, this short story is a perfect display of carbon chauvinism we human like to show. As we can’t see beyond supremacy of our minds and planet, the aliens refuse to extend the welcome to someone as inconsequential as meat.

And now I’ll let you enjoy the reading of original story here. It’s a very short read. Fifteen minutes at max. You won’t regret it.

The story itself was nominated for Nebula Awards.  It has its own Wikipedia page as well. There’s also a short movie based on this story too which you can watch here.


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