In the Mood for Love – A Movie Review


In the mood for Love


In The Mood For Love

Language: Chinese


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This was my first Chinese movie. I watched this because it’s said to be one of the most romantic movies ever made. And I think it’s correct. This movie is about loneliness, coming together, restraint, and romance. I lived through the every moment in the movie. Even subtitles didn’t diminish my interest in the movie.

The movie revolves around two people who discover that their respective spouses are having an affair with each other. Together they try to find the reasons on why their spouses drifted away from them. A strange bond emerges between them as they cope with their sadness by taking turns playing each other’s spouse, which later grows into a relationship.

But this movie is not about the story. It’s more about the silences and encounters- a passing meeting on the stairs, a coincidence at the noodle stall, some stilted phone conversations, and the soft rain. The cinematography of the movie haunts the viewers by showing the snippets of actors from windows, doors, and mirrors. Even the spouses are never shown; just their impact on the life of the lead actors is portrayed.  I yearned to see more of them, but still was afraid of the revelation.

The movie might not be to everyone’s taste. It has that artsy feeling to it. And it’s slow. But I think it was its laziness which influenced me the most. The scenes capture and zoom into the lead actors’ emotions so well that I couldn’t help but sympathize with them.  The other thing I loved was the dresses. The actress Maggie Cheung carried those traditional dresses with an amazing grace.

On the whole, a well spent 98 minutes of the week. By the end, I was almost in tears and sighing at every scene.



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