The Secret Life of Walter Mitty- Short Story Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Author’s Name: James Thurber

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You know what’s the beauty of a short story? Instant Gratification. It transports one to a different world within minutes and let them live an experience with the protagonist. This short story is something like that, an experience or a few of them combined by the words.

Secret life of Walter Mitty is the story of a man who loves to daydream (Who doesn’t love that?). It shows the experiences of Walter Mitty in his real and dream life and the contrast between the two.

I think how reader takes the story is dependent upon them. They can take it as funny because daydreams and too many fantasies are funny. They can take it as poignant story because it shows how real and harsh can reality be. Or they can take it as nostalgic thing, as I did. I am a day dreamer like Mitty. My dreams and life are not like his, but then give me a few minutes, and you’ll see me living in a different world with different people. That’s what made me a writer in the first place. The story appealed to my day-dreaming senses. 

This is one of the quite popular short stories. It has a movie(s) based on it. Also, the story created a dictionary entry by the name of “Walter Mitty”.

It’s not a long story. Somewhere around 2k words, and you’ll get to see some day dreams of Walter Mitty, or may be your own(like me). 😀

Read and enjoy.

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  1. Gaurav
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 12:33:50

    Didn’t read the book but the movie is a must-watch for everyone. 🙂


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