Fat by Raymond Carver- A short story review


Author’s Name : Raymond Carver

Part of Will You Be Quiet Please

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Another beautiful short story. Raymond Carver wove words to create the tapestry of the society in this story. Sometimes, it happens when a simple incidence, a simple view turns out to be a moment of epiphany urging us to take a path of life-improvement. This is about once such moment. The story shows a nameless waitress who is telling her friend, Rita, about a very fat man from the diner. Somehow that fat man intrigued her and told her how the choice to change her life is in her own hands.

The story is written on a first read felt weird to me because there’s no quotation marks for the speech and the fat man addresses himself as “we” instead of “I”. First, I thought that it’s an editing mistake, but then as I continued to read the interactions between the fat man and the waitress, I understood why the author used “we”. And when I reached end, the whole perspective of the story converged together to show me one single moment of epiphany. 

The economy of the words in the story is beautiful, and the message outshines that economy. I know there are many things which can be said about the themes and the contrasts in the story, but since talking about them will reveal the whole story, I’ll leave it at you to read.

A short read at around 1k.   Sorry, I don’t have the link to share for this story. I think it’s not available for the open sharing.


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