Top Ten Tuesday- Books that made me swoon

Top Ten Tuesday is the weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Topic for today is Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon. They are more many such books. Does that mean that I need a permanent supply of smelling salt? 😀

1) When He Was Wicked – I love Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, but this story of Francesca and Michael is my absolute favorite. I sighed at every page of the book, and swooned every time he was wicked. 

2) The Bride– This book by Julie Garwood was the first “hot” Scottish romance I read, and I blushed every time I thought about the book. There were many times when I was found smiling without reasons while reading it.

3) This Duchess is Mine– Throughout this series, the snippets of the life of Elijah and Jemma were discussed, and in this book, when they came together, fireworks exploded in my mind.

4) Vampire Academy– I loved Dimitri. My heart sped whenever he said Roza and tried to run away from the forbidden Rose in story.

5) Gone With the Wind – It’s a book of wars for many, but for me, this is without doubt the book of romance. Rhett Butler shines through every action of his.

6) The Charm School– This book is not very well-known. Neither it’s Susan Wiggs best novel, but somehow its story and its words stay with me. I can reread it again and again and still feel the same enchantment.

7) Suddenly You– Another lesser known book which set me aflutter because of its dashing younger hero romance.

8) My Sweet Folly– An historical where hero fells in love with heroine over letter. Although the book is not considered a masterpiece of Laura Kinsale, everything in this book grabbed me, especially the prologue. I’ve read the prologue more than 100 times, I guess.

9)Bewitching– An  sweet and poignant story which features a witch and a skeptical dark hero.

10) At the Bride Hunt Ball– I loved the hero, Gabriel, in it. He’s so determined that he is an adorable boor. 😛

I managed to get all historically swoony. Except for the Vampire Academy, all my selections are historical romances.(I probably should change that too, but no, Dimitri is so straitlaced that he makes the series swoonworthy.) It’s just that the word “swoon” carries that kind of picture with it. I never could think of swooning in contemporary romance. Contemporary romance makes me hot and bothered, but historicals do make me swoon or fan myself.

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  1. vidyatiru
    Feb 11, 2014 @ 19:37:16

    historical romances are top on my list of swoon worthy books too.. as is Gone with the wind.. list is up on my blog as well


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