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Last week, owing to the snow in US, one of my friends wished for summer and shared with me  this video.


I enjoyed this video so much that I decided to watch the movie at the earliest possible, and I was not at all disappointed.


This movie is a classic Disney movie with picturesque animations. It is a story of two sister with one of them, Elsa,  having the icy powers.  Elsa, influenced by her fear for this power, starts an eternal winter in the world. The movie shows the quest for other sister, Anna, to bring back Elsa home and stop this eternal winter.

The story highlights the love between sisters. Though the story was poignant, I do believe that Elsa as  a character was underutilized, but I’m hoping for a sequel which tells Elsa’s story.

The movie has stunning visuals. There’s a point where the characters say that they never believed that winter could be this beautiful, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. It left me itching for a way to capture that beauty somewhere. The music is also mesmerizing. The song I mentioned above is still the best, and I’m still going to shout Happy Snowman at random moments, but the other songs in the movie are also nice.  Olaf, the wise, innocent snowman who wished for summer, won over my heart in the movie.

The movie left me with the feeling of extreme contentedness. A perfect movie for a perfect Sunday.


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