Musing Mondays(Feb 17,2014)

Musing Monday is a weekly meme from Mizb of ShouldBeReading. It asks us to talk about the books we are going to read or any bookish rant.

My today’s bookish rant is about Glorification of Bikes/motorcycles in the books.  I have heard that it’s called by different names in different countries, but by bike I mean the Harleys, and other lesser known variants of similar devices.

I don’t know how this glorification started and how it spread, but it’s something which always makes me roll my eyes.  In India, it’s a very common means of transportation. It’s also a kind of lesser expensive freedom as it costs less than a car (Not Harley of course,  but there are many companies which manufacture bikes). My brothers have it, my friends have it, my father too had it.

I remember reading the stories where it served as a great turn-on for heroine. Once I read that the heroine enjoyed the bike ride so much because “it gave her the power between her legs”. And I laughed so hard that everybody had to ask me what happened to me.

I understand riding on a motorcycle gives a perfect opportunity for skinship, but whenever I see such a romantic scene,  I just want to ask the authors if they have ever thought about the back pain? Or how uncomfortable the long rides can be on the bike? How those rides actually kill any possibility of conversation because all that remains is the growl of the engine in your ears? Did they ever experience the agony of being beaten by the slashing rain while travelling on bike?

Bikes are good, but they are romantic only may be the first ten times. After that, they become a chore.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonia Lal
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 20:16:33

    It’s because all the bad boys have them!

    (Besides, the weather is always fair and there is never any slashing rain. Unless showing up all wet is a plot point.)



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