Catching Fire

catching fire


Author’s Name: Suzanne Collins

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Since I finished Hunger Games, I have been itching to start this book. But I made myself wait for sometime so that I can absorb the previous book’s impact. This book doesn’t dull the impact, but fixes it in the mind. I dreamed of Hunger Games Arena and one of the Korean actors as the protagonist in the arena described in book? Don’t ask me why not the Indian actors, because my dreams have tendency to be weird.

Is it possible to like and not like the book at the same time?


The book starts some time after the previous book. Both Katniss and Peeta are back in District Twelve and are living in the victor’s village. Life is much better than the previous life, but still the sword of Capitol hangs over their head. President Snow informs Katniss that she started a revolution in the Districts and threatens her, but Katniss vacillates between whether she wants to stop this uprising or not. Just like she vacillates between Gale and Peeta.

What I liked

President Snow: He’s an absolutely creepy villain with his breath of snow and roses. He captures the page whenever he came into the picture.

Arena: When I read about the Arena, I was actually awed. I liked the description and the concept of the Arena.

What irked me

Gale: I tried. I really tried to see why Katniss will even think of any romantic relation between them, but I couldn’t find even a single reason. There’s no chemistry between Katniss and him. Even their kisses seem forced.

Last Explanation by Haymitch: I could bear everything the book dished out except when Haymitch tells the plan in the end. It’s such a dry commentary and also so short that I actually turned pages to see if there’s something more which I missed, or maybe the book is censored or something. How could the person with so much of wit and understanding lay out any plan like that?

Overall Opinion

Is it possible to like and unlike the book at the same time? The book kept me hooked to the story, but it could have been better. There were sections which felt too dragged, while there were sections which passed in a blink of a eye(like the speech I mentioned above).

All in all, it’s a worthy sequel to Hunger Games.


Four Stars


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