Mockingjay- An end to Hunger Games

MockingjayAuthor’s Name: Suzanne Collins

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Finally, the last installment of the series. Finally, the Hunger Games ended. A resounding end to the epic started with the first book. It’s one series which has impacted me deeply.  The best part, the author managed to put an end to those games. Worst part, there were just too many deaths.


The book starts in District 13. Katniss have become the face for the revolution, though she is still undecided whose side she should take.  All the districts revolt and the final showdown between the capitol and districts happen.This story is how each of the character makes a choice in how they want to defeat the Capitol. I can’t say more without actually revealing the story, but this book is DARK.

What I liked

President Snow: He’s still as creepy as ever. Though his scenes have decreased, his presence has not. He’s one of the best anti-hero written as per me.

Imperfect Peeta: Does this make me cruel that I liked this imperfect Peeta more than the original Peeta? He seems like a believable person now.

Finnick: I loved everything about him- his background story, his love, his performance- everything.

What irked me

Triangle Love Story: This time it isn’t Gale which irked me, but Katniss herself. For three books, she was torn between Gale and Peeta. I expected, rather hoped, that she’ll finally analyze what was there in her heart. But no, in that too she was given an easy choice and her decision was made by actions of Gale and Peeta. I felt so frustrated. :/

Too Many Deaths:  I can’t say if they were necessary or not, but after one point I stopped feeling the pain of the deaths. I got so much involved that my mind actually detached itself from the story. There were many scenes which felt that they were there only to increase the already induced shock.

Overall Opinion

It might be a dark book, but it’s one book which one won’t be able to miss or forget. It imprints itself on the minds of the reader and leaves one with a distaste of all the violence. 

There are section which you’ll want to skip, but still you won’t be able to free yourself from twists and turns of the book.


Four Stars


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