By My Choice- An Erotic Romance Novella

By My Choice



Author’s Name: Christine Blackthorn

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Sometimes, one comes across a book just by chance. I saw this little novella promoted somewhere, downloaded it when it was free,  and read it in one of my free hour. I didn’t have much high hopes from it because it said it was a vampire romance, but knowing Christine Blackthorn as an author I decided to give it a try. By the time, I reached the ending, I was at the end of my seat. It’s that good a book.


I thought about writing my own synopsis, but GoodReads’ synopsis does explain the story

Jennifer Ashton has spent her whole life in one Supernatural court or the other but the realities of what this means are only brought home to her when her best friend is forced to sell her to a vampire, and not any vampire, but one she knows well. Caught in the double betrayal of friendship and love she needs to decide what her life is going to be.

Jennifer is a financial manager, her control over every aspect of her own life complete. She does not allow anything to upset her rationality, no emotion, no sensation, no desire. The only weakness she has accepted is her unlimited loyalty to her best friend, the friend who betrays her by selling her to a competitor. She joins her new master in Paris where she begins to realise that he has as little choice as she does. Can she accept that by giving up everything, by giving him everything, they might both regain their lives?

What I liked

1) Focus on friendship:  There are very few novels which actually manage to keep a childhood friendship between a man and woman true and pure. This story explores the depth of friendship and shows the pain of the betrayal by the best guy friend. The best part was that they remain friends throughout. They don’t go together, not even to try.

2) The World: The world in this book is quite different and very fascinating. Though much of this world is shown in background, it’s still an intriguing world.

What irked me

Three little spelling mistakes: Though they are minute and can be easily missed, they stayed with me because I was reading it on mobile which has smaller screen and more focus. There’s saying my mom used to tell me: Even a small black dot is seen clearly on a perfect white paper. Same is the case with this book I guess.

Overall Opinion

A power-packed vampire story. This book will be a treat to anybody who loves supernatural romance. It has plot which will leave you thirsting for more.


Five Stars


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