Scandalous Again- A Book Review, and a Women’s Day Rant

Scandalous AgainAuthor’s Name: Christina Dodd

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An historical romance novel, I found it at one of the stores. I have always enjoyed Christina Dodd’s brand of romance. She usually mixes that fire of passion and soothing romance quite well. But this book was a bit of disappointment for me, not because it wasn’t well-written, but because I didn’t like the characters. Their qualities felt to me like their vices.


This book starts with the Madeline who just returned from Continent after four years. She comes to know that her father had wagered her and lost her in a gamble. So she, along with her cousin and companion, embarks on a journey to soothe her new  owner. But soon they come to know about The Game of Century, which Madeline thinks her father will attend. In order to save what is left of her fortune(A tiara!), she switches places with her cousin and go to the gambler’s house as a companion.

At the house-party, she meets Gabriel whom she had jilted because he had gambled for the fortune. They both realize that they still love each other, and Madeline sees her mistake.

What I liked

Romance: The chemistry between Gabriel and Madeline is quite good. There were places when I enjoyed reading them together.

What irked me

The Plot Highlights: The plot of the story tries to convince the readers that Madeline was responsible for Gabriel’s younger brother death. Since Gabriel was so lost and forlorn after Madeline left, he didn’t give enough attention to his brother, who lost in gambling and joined navy to avoid confrontation with Gabriel. He finally was buried at the sea. It’s quite a sad story, but as soon as I read this point, I wanted to tear away the pages. Not only Gabriel’s manservant believed it, but by the end, even Madeline was sorry for her actions, and I was like what?!

Gabriel: I might have forgiven him for the above misunderstanding, but he till the end didn’t accepted that he did wrong by gambling. He did realize that Madeline would be angry, but he decided to soothe her with his body. Another what?! point for me. Till the end, I was hoping that he’ll apologize and explain the necessity, but he remained heavy-handed and egoistic throughout. He kept on blaming heroine for being controlling, when he himself wasn’t ready to give up his control.

Overall Opinion

It is a good book. Though not the best of Dodd’s work,  it has everything a historical book should have, but I didn’t enjoy it because of its too heavy handed plot. It in fact made me feel melancholy and induced the rant below.


Two Stars

 Thoughts Beyond the Book

This was not supposed to be a rant. But somehow, after reading the book, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this. As I finished this book, I was left wondering that how many times we unnecessarily blame women for every mishappening. This not only include males, but females too.

This is specifically true in Indian cases. Something wrong happens with a child, the first person who is blamed is the mother. A boy commits suicide in despair because his love got rejected, the girl becomes heartless. A man commits crime because to fulfill the material demands of his wife. The houses break due to the uncompromising nature of woman.  Oh, and let us not forget that whole Mahabharata happened because of a woman.

This is not a complaint to anyone—not to the author, neither to my readers. Nor this is a confession. Because I’m guilty of doing this, and I  am also guilty of accepting such blames without any fight. So, no, this is not a grudge as well. It’s just a thought, a consciousness that yes, I have been doing this. Acceptance is the first step towards change, right?


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