The Colour Out of Space- A Short Story Review

The Colour Out of Space

Author’s Name: H.P.LoveCraft

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This was more of a longish short story, but absolutely worth every word. Is there a genre called Sci-Fi horror? If not, then there should. 

The story is told from a perspective of an engineer who is supposed to survey a valley for making a water reservoir. The valley he comes across is something against the whole landscape of the mountain. Further inquiry leads him to the story of the “strange times”.

I won’t write the story here, it’s a horror story. The monster is not known, but something which came on meteorite. It’s not a story which will creep you, but it’s a kind of story which will make you crosscheck every random luminescence.

The story absolutely sucked me its pages. What a brilliant writing! What a weave of words! The scene it sets was so spectacular that I could actually see the colors which were never named.  I am still awed by the grotesque beauty of the landscape described in the story to say anything more.  Just plain Wow is my reaction. 🙂

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