Top Ten Uses of an Unworn Prom Dress

Top Ten Uses of an Unworn Prom Dress

Author’s Name: Tina Ferraro

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I selected this book because I was wanted something light to read, and its name suggested the chick-lit feature that I’d like. I was not wrong in judging it as it did left me with a smile. 


Nicolette Antonovich, or Nic, has many problems in life. Her parents are divorced, she still has a crush on the boy who left her alone on junior prom night, her father loves her step-sister more, there are rumors floating about her in the school; but most of all she’s an unused prom dress which she’s obsessed with. 

As the story progresses, she starts falling for her friend’s brother and try not to make a bigger mess of her life.

What I liked

Fluffiness–  This book has a light fluffiness of teenage romance. It’s a YA chicklit, and as I said it managed to make me a bit happy. 😀

Nic- Nic is an interesting and adorable character. Her high schoolish insecurities and her struggle for the problems greater than life was something I loved.

What irked me

Strange Friendship–  I didn’t like Allison at all. The friendship between Allison and Nic didn’t give me BFFs and high-five vibes. 

Jared, the hero–  I know that showing a hero in a first person girl’s POV is quite difficult, but it can be done. Jared, although sweet, was underutilized as a character. 

Overall Opinion

I have read many YAs and many chick-lits, but this was the cleanest YA chick-lit I came across. I finished it in one day, and it made that bad day a bit better. So it’s definitely worth reading. Just don’t go with the expectation of fireworks.

Three Stars

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