Top Ten Tuesday- My Spring TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is the weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Topic for today is Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List. This made me think if everybody had a special TBR list for spring. Because seasons usually don’t affect my reading choice, my mood does. Actually, my mood also doesn’t define my TBR, but what I’m going to read which can be actually way off from the TBR list. My TBR is decided on the basis of the books I am hearing about the most.

1) Fahrenite 451 – Ray Bradbury is one author I am planning to strike off my never-read list. As soon as possible.  

2) Daniel’s Diary– I found this on the quest to read more Indian authors. This one is the story of past and present woven together. And it has Mughal History and Jodha-Akbar’s love story. What more could a mind want.

3)The Revenge of Kaivalya– Another book by Indian author about revenge and instances of witchcraft in the southern India. I wish to see how the author portrayed the scenes there. An its blurb is pretty exciting too.

4) The Secrets of Nagas– I am reading the nearing the end of the first book of this series, and I am actually excited to know what happens next.

5) Scarlet – I have this book with me since Jan. The only reason I haven’t started it is because I’m afraid that it won’t turn out to be as good as Cinder. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I’ll try and read this soon.

6) Divergent– This whole series in my reading list. Soon, very soon.

7) The Rosie Project– I have been planning to read it since I heard its storyline. There are very few books which are focused on male character as much.

8) Stay– The book I won last week, and the one I have been wanting to read.

9) Alienated– Another book I’ve been drooling over since I read its synopsis.

10) Inferno– This is my year long project. I acquired this book as soon as it was released, but before reading it, I want to finish Dante.  To appreciate Dante fully, I need to read Aeneid. Are you getting a feel how difficult the process is?!  So, this will be in my Spring List, Autumn list and winter list too. 😀

Most of the people have TBR list comprising of upcoming books. My TBR includes all the book which have already left their mark.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. imaginativeminds
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 08:54:08

    Great list! A couple I haven’t heard of before. Funny, I just bought Scarlet tonight. I haven’t read Cinder yet, but I hear amazing things about it and looking forward to reading it! Finally, someone else who hasn’t read Divergent. I was starting to feel like I was the only one. Good luck with your Spring TBR!!

    Patty @ImaginativeMinds


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