Thursdays Quotables (March 20, 14)

This is a weekly meme hosted at  Bookshelf Fantasies wherein we share share a favorite quote, line, or passage from our reading each week! I’m using it because I want to share the perfect lines from the books I’m reading.

This week I’m reading  The Moment Before by Suzy Vitello.  The book has many notable lines. One of the passage which affected me the most is:

If I was a moth, I could flutter around light bulbs all night then collapse my wings together into a wafer come daylight. Tuck myself into a closet. Eat some wool. Contemplate the layers of betrayal that the human heart is capable of.

Another line which I found amazing was about artists. It truly describes all the moments when inspiration strikes me at the most unlikely times like in shower or while driving.

That’s the thing about art. You have no control over when it shows up and bursts your heart into splinters.

I am almost reaching the end of the book. Interesting so far, just like the lines above.  Stay tuned for the final thoughts and review!:-)

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