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Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation


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Lost in Translation is the movie about two people who meet in Japan. Bob Harris, a middle-aged actor, is caught there as his shootings get extended. Charlotte is the young wife of a photographer(always shown working) who is there for an assignment. They both meet in the hotel and strike an unusual friendship.

As the movie starts and shows the wide cultural gulf between America and Japan through Bob’s eyes, I recalled my time in China. The difference between India and China is not that wide, but still it’s insurmountable.  Initial and occasional novelty of exploration aside, long duration gives one a feeling of being lonely in the crowd, like the character Bob Harris experienced in the movie.

The movie didn’t make me cry, but it left me with the lingering melancholy. Probably I was so touched by the movie because it was realistic, and it reminded me of myself?! The unknown place, the unexpected friendship, the midlife crisis, and the feeling of being enclosed in the formality from the family– all those little things hit a nerve. Even Charlotte’s confusion and her question of “When does this all end?” sounds so much like the question which beseech my mind.

Then there was THE scene, that one overhead shot- they were in bed talking, fully clothed, he is on his back staring at the ceiling, she is on her side, almost asleep, the tips of her feet barely touching the side of his leg, and he moves his hand and holds her toe. I gave one big happy sigh at that.

I am not a person who like ambiguous endings, but I didn’t want any end to this movie. Probably they did live happily distanced from each other, or probably they met again. In this movie, the future of the characters didn’t matter. What mattered was that those days they spent together.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Avinash Gupta
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 17:39:22

    I totally love this movie, specially for Japan.I agree on your views of China. I have noticed the same during my trips there. The cast of the movie is brilliant


  2. ilakshee
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 23:17:38

    Sounds interesting. should watch this.


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