L= Life of Pi

First of all sorry for the delay in posting this. I was a bit busy(a lot busy) yesterday. Office sometimes occupies whole day and evenings. Anyway, for alphabet L, I’d  like to talk about Life of Pi.

This book is quite different from my usual fare. I don’t like the philosophical book that much, but this book was something else. The author, Yann Martel, weaved such a credible story that I was with the characters all the time- be they the living characters or the non-living ones. It’s not everyday that an author can make me fell in love with wild animals, but Yann Martel does that.

What make the book memorable for me, besides the ending and the concept, was the description of nature. The way the animals, the sea, the wind, the rain are described felt like a prayer to me. While I cringed at the effort he had to go through to survive the sea, I was equally awed by the deadliest sea being shown as a friend. I am not talking about a passage here; every word, every paragraph add to that poetry of belief and faith .

The ending was, of course, marvelous with all the tables turned. In fact for a long time I wondered if the tale was true. I searched net to find a person who survived like that, but couldn’t. It’s one of the stories which makes me wonder what the author was thinking when the book was written. Where does such thoughts come from?



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  1. sumyth23
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 22:57:56

    The book was an intriguing read. And as far as the inspiration is concerned, it may come from anywhere. The spark of the idea could be in any form and once it infects the mind, it grows.


  2. yogaseema
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 23:26:25

    It’s a while since I read this book but I loved a few moments where it showed the idea of the main character following more than one religion, shows innocence and purity. It illustrates how rest of society dictates and misses the point. Also liked how each character was interpreted as an animal, again showing how the mind protects itself of the horrors of what had to be done at sea. Great book! Preferred the book to the movie.


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