Q=A Quick Bite

With Q, I bring to you the book called A Quick Bite. This book has true cannot-go-out-in-proper-daylight-living-in-coffin type vampire, and lot of bed scenic romance.  And it’s not only a book but a whole series called Argeneu Series.


One of my friends actually enjoys this series A LOT. She is crazy about its inherent story-line and has actually purchased the physical brand new copies of all the books. When we were discussing the series, she told me: “People look at me like I am committing some crime when they see buying me these books. They don’t understand that there can be a story in these books. And if they see the word “Vampire” written on the cover page of the book, they just shake their head at me. I have to hide these books in paper envelopes to save myself from my colleagues’ judgmental eyes.”

A few days ago, I had a similar discussion with one of my friends too who <i>shuddered</i> when I suggested a vampire romance(in fact every paranormal romance title had the same reaction).

So, my point in both the cases is that reading a vampire book doesn’t make one juvenile. It’s just that we do not always want to read about the burden of the life and world. We do not always want to unravel the great mysteries of the universe. We do not always want to peel off the layers of the human emotions.

Besides, I feel that these books are not bad or silly just because they contain a touch of paranormal or romance. One of my favorite paranormal series is Psy-changeling series which envisions that in future all the human beings would have muted their feelings by medical treatment and each human will only have specific reaction. Yes, it has shape-shifters in it, but that doesn’t kill the beauty of that very interesting premise.  Similarly another series I love contains Succubus(Georgina Kincaid Series) and her problems. It doesn’t have the wisdom or foresight of the previous series, but its dilemmas and romance is totally awesome.

Today’s post is my rebellion against every person who believes the books with vampire and sex in them are things for “feeble-minded girls”. I flaunt what I read. You can go and solve all those mysteries of universe with the unfathomable language while I’ll enjoy these books too.  And just so you know, I’ll even write about vampires/werewolves/succubus etc. Not only that, I’ll enjoy writing about  them too.



11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonia Lal
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 03:06:48

    Oh, yeah. I remember this series. It was funny, as I recall.

    Did it have a book where vampire needed a dentist because his fang broke? Maybe that was a different series.


  2. sumyth23
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 21:23:00

    The reason is Twilight. Vampires, sex when they come together in cauldron they always tend to project a Twilightish image in mind. And hence people tend to form these mindsets. Or that’s what I think…


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