Monday Musing(18.08.2014)

Musing Monday is a weekly meme from Mizb of ShouldBeReading. It asks us to talk about the books we are going to read or any bookish rant.

Today my musing is about George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

When the book and the series made so much noise, I resisted falling into them because they seemed too murderous and I try to avoid things with bloodshed. Violence bores me mostly. But on the insistence of a friend, I decided to give the HBO’s Game Of Thrones a chance.

I always make a point to read the book first. But in this case I was advised I won’t enjoy the TV series if I read the book first. So, it was TV series first. I have watched the first two season. (And no, this isn’t the post about the TV series!)

My next step was going to be to order the first book. But I think there were things which disturbed me so much that I am reluctant to get into that aspect of the story too much. As a result, I’m afraid of ordering the book. What I have seen in the first two season of the series, I’m pretty much sure the book will expound on those things.

It’s not the violence and the story in itself which makes me feel like this, but it’s the unaddressed and unnecessary glorified areas which make me feel sad. I hate the (mis)treatment of Daenerys. Although she is one of the characters I enjoyed, I just hate her relationship(s) and reactions in the story. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go through the her love scenes without tearing the book(and no, I’m not exaggerating.) I hate the way negativity is seeped in all characters. I’m not against the grey areas in characters, but then I’m absolutely against the unnecessary and the thing is that I feel everything in the story is geared toward only one goal– to show that everything in the world is evil. ‘

So here I’m, sitting silently, trying to decide if I’ll be able to stomach the detailed description of the evil in the story. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the show. I truly did, but it’s too much mired in darkness and in my opinion, if the show itself is that dark, the book are going to be oozing that darkness. So here I’m selecting/de-selecting the Game of Thrones from my book list.


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