Some memories and some healthy gyan

Today’s post is inspired by two things– Indiblogger and my brother (with all the rhymes and whistles. :-P)

I live in Ghaziabad. So, my brother who has not been to Ghazaibad much, had a meeting in Dabur office of Sahibabad. Our conversation went on something like this:

“Tell me the way to Dabur! I think I’m lost,” my brother screeched over his bluetooth handset. I could hear the horns and traffic in the background.

I laughed. “Ghar me Chyavanprash khatam ho gaya kya jo dabur jana hai?” (Meaning: Is there shortage of Chyawanprash at house that you need to go to Dabur?)I could imagine him gritting his teeth over my flippant answer, so I told him the way, but this incident brought back a lot many memories.

You see when we were kids, we were forced to take one spoonful of that chyawanprash daily. Okay, it was I who was forced, my brothers used to love its taste. I remember my mother narrowing her eyes if I tried to hide away from that spoon of medicine. Like Milk and Bournvita, it was deemed as necessary for our nutritional health.

My nieces and nephews go through the same ritual like us–making themselves healthy with the magic ingredients of diet– Chyawanprash, milk and Bounrnvita(At different times of the day of course).

So the question is why are all those things insisted upon? What’s it that makes them indispensable part of life?
A child is the life of a house. My mom says a house absorbs the laughter of children living there and grows warmer; a tear of a child hurts the house too. This might not be literally true, but it’s still true indeed. Can you imagine a mother preparing a feast in the kitchen if the child is sick with cold, or family celebrating when someone’s stomach is upset? A small attack of flu can snatch away the laughter from the house. I can still remember myself sulking in the corner on that rare occasion when one of my brothers would come down with fever and my mom would be sitting with him.

I know I was selfish then, but the point I’m trying to make is that health is the most important thing, especially in case of growing children. Everything else is secondary. I was taught that two things you should always respect are time and your health.

These days when the world is under attack of numerous diseases, when nutrition has taken a backseat in the “fast-food” laden world, when there is adulteration in everything, when the pollution has sunk its teeth into the atmosphere– let’s save the laughter of our houses. Let’s preserve our health and build our immunity. I’m not only talking about the magic ingredients above but general things which makes one healthy– exercise, nutritious food, a few moments  of silence, a guilt-free lifestyle(again, my mom’s lessons). A family can thrive if its children are healthy and a nation can thrive if its populace is healthy. Let’s build a happy family and thriving nation.
For all those who don’t know what Chayawanprash is, go to I cannot even count how many herbs are used in its preparation.

This post is the part of IB Happy Hours. Although, the Happy Hours campaign aims is sponsored by products, mentioning the product is not a requirement. All the views and conversations mentioned above are my personal experience.

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