Plane woes and dream of a comfortable journey.

This is another one of my contest entries. You must be thinking that Pari has lost her mind with all the contest nonsense about toilets, child health, and now aviation. But I haven’t. I seriously do have a lot to talk about, and anything which fires my imagination is always welcome.

I’ll start with the question. How many of you have traveled in a plane? I can see you all rolling your eyes at this question.

Second question then. How many have you have sit in plane for more than three hours?

Third question. How many of you have enjoyed traveling in plane?

I remember my first journey on plane. It was special because it was a part of a scholarship I was receiving in Mumbai. But it was extraordinary because my mom was accompanying me too and she had always dreamed of sitting in an airplane. This happened a decade ago, but the pride of receiving the scholarship AND fulfilling my mom’s dream is still fresh. We were unaware about all thing related to Web check-in etc and while boarding we got seats apart.

After deboarding the plane I asked my mom, “How was your first journey?”

She looked at the wings of the plane and replied, “It’s fast, no doubt, but trains are more comfortable. It’s as noisy as a train anyway. ”

This was the answer of a woman who had dreamed about sitting in an airplane for years. I could hear the disenchantment of the flight in her voice.

Let’s fast forward ten years and come to the month of August of 2014. Traveling in airplane is not a novelty for my mom anymore. This time she’s in a plane for her first visit abroad. The journey is five and a half hour long. We’re traveling to Singapore for holidays.  This time again she voices the same words. “Five hours in a plane will make me a cripple. (She can’t sit with folded legs for long because of her knee problem.)” I and my brothers tried to soothe her, but then we also know what she’s saying is truth and there is no alternative for it. Sitting in such cramped space for so long is going to leave her with pain in her knee and joints.

This is what inspired me to write the post. I was telling her about the new flight starting from Delhi. “Lufthansa India is bringing a jumbo plane here. Now we can travel to Germany without cramping our legs. The aircraft #LufthansaA380 has business class which is so comfortable that you’d feel at home there. You can even extend your leg without disturbing the passenger ahead.”

I showed her the following video Indiblogger had posted and she nodded her head.

Her words: “The planes should be big. At least the people will be able to sit comfortably rather than being herded like a cattle. It even saves fuel if the plane can accommodate more people. This plane even has second storey.” After few more admiring glances at the plane, the topic was closed. Or so I thought.

During the dinner, out of the blue, she prettily announced before all my family, “We are going to Frankfurt next. Pari has found a new plane with two storeys which will be comfortable for this long a journey. Make the plans with her.”

I tried to tell her that it will be quite expensive, that we still haven’t paid our credit card bills for the last journey. But she just ignored me. My father coughed to divert her, my brothers smirked at my discomposure and I couldn’t do anyhing but agree to her plans. This will teach me to take the costs into account before building the castle in the air.

But now as I’m recounting the story, I’m wondering why not? Probably as soon as the finances permit, I’ll sitting in the jumbo A380 and recounting another story like this after my return.

This entry is submitted to Indiblogger as a part of their recent contest in collaboration with Lufthansa India. I have never traveled with them or in A380 itself. This is just an attempt to capture a moment in life where a dream of comfortable air travel is being woven.


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