Foot on Clutch

I’ve been deferring this post for quite long.

On 1st of Dec, my car met with an accident. I say my car because luckily I wasn’t injured. Neither was anyone else except the cars.

Reasons for accident: 

1) A truck swerved before the first car due to a stray cow running, forcing the car ahead to brake suddenly.

2) My car mat winded in my foot delaying my response time.

Result: The cars collided. Mine was in a bad shape from the front, and other one was in the bad shape from the back.

I was so rattled by this accident that it took me three tries to pick up my phone and dial the garage to ask for the crane service. I called the crane and took my car to the body-shop for repairs.  But every time I passed that area the scene replayed itself in my mind. Expenditure is one thing, but what if there had been a person ahead of me?  What if after the collisions, the engine caught fire? And what if the car ahead of me had hit the truck?

The car was returned today itself after all the repairs. It not only costed me a bomb, but also the fear of meeting with the accident again was too strong during my short drive from the service center to my house.

This is just a small case of what happened with me, but everyday, many accidents happen. Many lives are put at stake everyday. How many times we’ve oversped citing that roads are vacant? How many times we forget to give the right/left-turn indicator because the car behind us is too far? How many times we forego the helmet or the seat-belt because there is no traffic policeman in sight? And mobile phones? Do you remember messaging on the phone even after that traffic signal turned green and you started inching ahead? Do you remember the last call you picked when you were driving? Last but not the least is drunken driving wherein the driver assures himself/herself that he/she’s alcohol-tolerant.

These instances are true in almost each one of our case, including mine. Probably if I’d kept the required distance from the car, that accident wouldn’t happen. Probably if I had changed that threadbare mat. Probably if the cow hadn’t been lose on the road.

The accident passes, the world goes on– what’s left is only a word “Proabably”, but this word cannot bring the life back. Neither can it bring the money back and life–that doesn’t come back too. An accident happens in a split second. It doesn’t understand that you’re rich and know the police commissioner, or if you’re a celebrity. One second of negligence can play havoc.

Don’t follow the rules because police says so. Don’t follow the rules because government will levy a fine you. Follow them to be safe. Follow them to keep yourself free from guilt of hurting someone. Follow the rules to reach safely in the arms of your loved one. You might think so that you’re so much more, but no one is strong enough to carry the burden of road rage.

These words are not only for you people, but also for me– kind of a promise, kind of a pledge that I’ll follow the rules and drive safe. Will you?

This post is written in conjugation with Indiblogger and Nissan Safety Drive Forum who are trying to increase the awareness about safe driving habits. The experience mentioned in the post is my personal experience. 

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  1. upenreddy
    Dec 15, 2014 @ 22:09:13

    Hey pari,
    You nailed it..:)
    The accident passes.. paragraph will make everyone think.. how important it is to drive safe and value their life.
    Drive safe!!


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