Shaving is sexier!

This post is written as a response to a tag of my friend Nandini Deka. This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette, which has sparked this discourse rant post on the shaving habits and their impacts.

Before I begin my post, let me clarify that as I’m free from facial hair, I might not understand the pain of shaving which male species have to go through; this is an opinion of a victim an observer.

I have heard many men and boys complaining about the need to shave. I have also heard the excuses like “stubble looks sexy”, or “stubble attracts females”, or “stubble goes to show that we’re successful as we don’t even have time to shave”. Having grown up/studied in a male-predominant household/college, I think I have heard all the reasons they have for not shaving, and every excuse elicit only one reaction in me, i.e. of an eye-roll at the negligence.

I am told stories by my mom that I was a very fussy kid. I won’t let my father or uncle hold me and I would never kiss their cheek, because “it itched”. I don’t remember these incidencts but I can definitely believe that it’s true because I know my father has the habit of neglecting his facial hair for weeks. I still hate it, and till date I don’t understand the lure of “beard burns”.  I have read the whole books and stories about how “the five o’ clock shadow” can cause lust in a person, but in reality I haven’t met a single woman/girl who likes her partner to sport that unshaven face.

I remember a small incident. We recently went to a family trip to Langkawi in Malaysia. We went for a rainforest trek there in Barjaya Resort. The group included around fifteen people including me, my mom and two of my brothers. My younger brother like always had not shaved that day, because holidays are not meant for “impressing the people”.

The guide was telling us about Macaque monkeys–about how they keep many girl friends, how they move in groups of twenties and how they make a nuisance of themselves. He showed us one of the male monkeys sitting on the roof of a guest cottage. He then proceeded to ask us, ” Can you tell me who among us shall be most afraid of macaque monkey right now?” Of course nobody had the answer. He then pointed at my brother and told us, “He is the one who has most chances of monkey attacking because he is sporting a stubble.” It turned out that macaque females sport a kind of beard which attracts the macaque male monkey. This whole discussion was in a good form– kind of a teasing, but then my brother was embarrassed. He shaved next day itself as the islands was full of monkeys and he didn’t want to be followed by male monkey; me and my mom had a good laugh over his reasons.

Again I know many Sikhs as well, and I am not against the full grown flowing beard or a well-maintained stubble style which is properly groomed everyday, but an unshaven face where the hair grow here and there is a different story. It makes me doubt if the person sporting it had even bathed that day or is it just the perfume hiding that sweat smell? Did that person even had time to brush their teeth? It makes the person look sinister and non-trustworthy (How can I even think of dealing with a person who doesn’t have time for himself?)

A woman is expected to go through the pains of waxing and threading and facials and what-nots for the sake of “hygiene” and “impression”. Don’t the men have some responsibilities to groom themselves? To every person who have made 1001 excuses for not-shaving, have you ever seen a groom who has not shaved? I haven’t. Neither I have been tempted to kiss a “stubbled” face all through thirty years of my life and I’m sure I won’t ever be. Stubble only makes a person look dangerous in my opinion.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonia Lal
    Dec 31, 2014 @ 07:33:24

    I actually like a tiny stubble!!! Very tiny. But two days of not shaving is too many.


    • parichitasingh
      Dec 31, 2014 @ 15:41:07

      Sonia, I found one person who likes stubble, albeit tiny. I feel that it’s too scratchy, especially while kissing, except probably on Hrithik Roshan (not that I have kissed him). 😉


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