A Gadget wish before the year ends!

Now that I have made my goals, all I’m left up with is making wishes. Making a wish is a mandatory thing after making goals else how will I make excuses. 😉

There are only two things I need right now, two of my obsessions:

1) Study Table – Every writer has to have one. I don’t have one, and hence I am not a writer.

2) Tab- It’s difficult to cart around my laptop everywhere, and my phone’s screen is too small to allow all the things I have to do. I have to squint my eyes and strain my focus too much to get the things done on the little 4″ screen of my poor phone. Added to this, I recently broke this little screen of my phone as well and now it has some cracks on the top.

Since I’ve already bored everyone with my biggest wish of a study table in 1001 blog posts, this wish is about a gadget– a tab.

As you have seen in my previous blog post, my biggest passion is reading and writing. My second biggest passion is watching Korean serials and movies. My third biggest passion, these days, is exploring cooking blogs to whip up some delicious vegetarian recipes.

If there’s one gadget which can supplement my passion, it is a lightning fast tab–one which would allow me to download books and keep them, the one which will allow me to access the videos of the cooking blogs, the one which will allow me to watch the movies even when I’m traveling or I’m away for official work on site. I haven’t decided on the brand of tab I want to purchase, but just today Indiblogger shared the link for Micromax tab in one of their campaigns. See for yourself:

I’m not an expert in analyzing a gadget technically, but it does have certain things that I’ve wanted in the gadget including but not limited to: wide screen to facilitate my reading, 1.2 Ghz processor for watching the movies, 3G data and wifi connection for downloading to my heart’s content, and extended battery life.

It looks like a perfect device for me, doesn’t it? (My birthday is on 28 Jan, in case you want to gift it to me! ;))

But on a serious note, I don’t believe that anything or anyone can hinder a passionate person, but suitable resources can make following of the passion easy. I want a tablet which can match my reading and watching speed, a companion which can be with me over the long travel times, a device which can inspire me through the various applications. It being budget friendly will be an added bonus as otherwise it will only be an empty dream.

So, I’m here, sitting on this evening of 31st, before the party begins, drooling over this tablet. Do I want it? Yes, yes, yes. Let’s see when this dream will turn into reality.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonia Lal
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 00:15:21

    I love my tablet! It’s two years old now but still good. and, yeah, I’ve written half my WiP on it.


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