(IM) Possibility of book-kind romance– Musing Monday (Jan 5, 2015)

Hello all. Musing Monday is  a meme from Should be Reading where in we talk about our bookish rants musings.

The book which induced this rant : Girl from FatehPur

(This is not the book review, but a general view of romance that I read sometimes).

The romance sometimes show quite interesting fairytale-ish kind of things, and every time  I see such things, I am left wondering if this kind of romance is possible or not.

1) Meeting your first crush, recognizing him/her and crushing on them again— My first crush was some 20 years ago (I’m almost 30 in case you’re curious). Then I changed schools and the crush got lost somewhere on the tracks of life. Now suppose if tomorrow I meet him, I’m sure I won’t recognize him, and I’m double sure I won’t even like him because I’ve turned into this awesome diva  I know my tastes have changed a lot since then. Moreover, I expect he would be happily married (I know this for sure after as I did research for my post.)

But the way novels portray it, people meet after twenty, thirty or fifty years and still they know each other instantly. Moreover, there is no hesitation in going out with that person. My question is time is huge factor. What if they have turned into terrorist or they have joined some gang or something of that sort?

2) Carrying someone in arms (bride-style) — I know guys are strong and they have worked out in gym picking those weights, but carrying a human is altogether a different deal. Most of the guys I like(d) have been on lighter side as compared to me. I am pretty much sure that they’ll either fall down themselves or break their back if they tried to pick me even for two steps. I have seen guys practicing the lifts in dance (have practiced it myself for a week), and I am pretty much sure that if ever a guy had to carry me, it won’t be a romantic moment.

So I’m left wondering — whether this kind of romance is truly possible? Or if romance novels need an up-gradation on thought process.

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  1. laurelrainsnow
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 22:32:09

    I doubt if this is possible, but it is fun to speculate, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing, and here’s my post: MUSING AND CHASING AWAY THE BLUES


    • parichitasingh
      Jan 05, 2015 @ 22:38:21

      Even I doubt that it’s possible, but books/movies are based on some kind of truth. I’m still wondering about the people who have gone through this.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. sumyth23
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 23:25:48

    30? I am still curious! 😀
    And I kind of disagree with the second point. Belonging to the lighter category, I know it is not that easy to lift a girl, but but…
    That is the fun. The romance is not in how easily you could lift her. It is about bending the back, showing the effort and when she is cradled in the arms (after a lot of effort), watching the twinkle in her eyes. If she is considerate enough, she would later mop away the sweat from the forehead. And that is how the imperfections create the perfect moment. 🙂


    • parichitasingh
      Jan 05, 2015 @ 23:28:25

      Almost 30. Will be 30 on 28 Jan.

      And you sound like true romantic, while I sound like a cynic. (Oh for reference, don’t show her that it took a lot of effort to cradle her and she might be more considerate. :P)


      • sumyth23
        Jan 05, 2015 @ 23:36:04

        Every year is the wrong side of 30, except 30. Do enjoy it, while it lasts. 🙂
        Aah, really? Thank you. I will that as a compliment. 😀 (Oh for reference, consideration is always shown. However, I do not how the previous comment sounded like, but in no way it means that you should huff and puff in sweeping a woman off her feet. Sometimes you should do it with ease. Other times, with words. 🙂 )

      • parichitasingh
        Jan 06, 2015 @ 10:30:00

        Sweeping with words?! 🙂

        All the best for all kinds of sweeping that you are aiming at. 😛

  3. cleopatralovesbooks
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 00:46:36

    I had a conversation with my brother a little while back where we discussed how some scenes from romantic movies in particular (but it applies to books too) would seem totally weird if done in practice – what would you say if someone turned up under your window when you were sleeping to sing to you, particularly if you weren’t in a relationship – I think it would seem a little creepy! That said when immersed in a novel you should probably go with the flow and not examine whether it would work in real life. Great thoughts for your first musing of 2015.


  4. Sonia Lal
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 09:08:48

    The star crossed romance, you mean? Well, it must have happened sometime to someone.

    And dancers do lift girls in all kinds of interesting ways, but I don’t think it happens just like that. And, well, they train! Just need to date a dancer is all!


    • parichitasingh
      Jan 06, 2015 @ 10:33:26

      Sonia– no, not the star crossed romance, but just the crush. Suppose you meet your first crush again, will you be able to recognize him? Will you be able to trust him?
      I don’t think so I’ll even recognize my first love.

      So, I need to find the dancer to date? Let the hunt begin. 😛


  5. ladyambrosiaj
    Jan 07, 2015 @ 08:51:54

    So the logical side of me says that it is not possible but the true romantic side of me says that it is. I guess we always want to hope right?

    Thanks for stopping by Fire & Ice


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