Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty : A Book Club Review


Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty


Paulami Duttagupta 


There are many movies which are based on books, but I haven’t come across many stories which are based on movies. That was the reason I picked up this book. Besides, this book talks about the terrorism in Meghalya which is an unexplored topic for me. I, as  a North Indian, can go on and on about the terror and how it has changed life of people in states like Rajasthan, Punjab and Kashmir, but ask me about the problems of eastern India, and I’d be totally blank. That was the second reason I decided to read the book.

Ri- Homeland of Uncertainty is adapted from the National Award Winning Khasi film by the same name.
Trapped in the limbo between ideology and conscience, Manbha finds him himself part of a terror outfit. An unexpected opportunity, anger, squalor and disillusionment – followed by and armed combat and injury lead to the soul- searching that form the substance of this moving tale.

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What I Liked

1) Realistic Ideologies – There are two sides to everything that we see. The police we curse has a story too; the reporters who glorify the terrorist or police has a story too; even terrorists have their own stories. The book doesn’t hesitate to give either of them a good or bad story, it just expresses it.

2) The Hope – The terrorist, the brain-washed people, the communism– can we change that? Is there a way out? I don’t know, neither do I believe it’s possible. The book also doesn’t answer the question, but it does express the hope that the world can change one person at a time.

What I disliked

1) Narrative treatment : I hate writing this and I’m tired of writing this. I didn’t get to feel the action of the story. I loved the way thoughts were expressed; the plot was interesting, but the narrative style made it boring for me.

2) Backstories: I wanted to know more about the characters. It was like the book dropped me in the middle of the war without introducing the people associated with the characters. I wished to know more of their history.

Overall Opinion

A book worth reading as it shows the terrorism and infiltration issues beyond Kashmir.

Three Stars

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