Little Manhattan– A Valentine’s Day Movie Review.

Yeah, I know the movie was released way back. But I have been living under the rock. You knew that, didn’t you? 😛

First a story on how I reached at this movie. I am one of those who are sitting at home on V-day, living the life like every other day. I wanted to acknowledge the tradition of romance in my own way and hence asked few of my friends on Indiblogger on what movies I should watch.  After weeding few of those I have already watched (and loved), my fellow blogger on IB and a friend, Amit Pattnaik, suggested me Little Manhattan.

The synopsis of the story reminded me so much of myself that I decided to give it a go. (Yes, I’m that self-obsessed.) The story is about a ten year old guy growing out of “girls have cooties” stage and falling in love with an eleven year old girl. A very cute and enjoyable portrayal of love. Nothing earth-shattering happens in the movie (except the first love which is actually universe-shattering), but it was fun to watch Gabe, the 10 year old boy, fumble his way from not-liking the girls to trying to date one. Some wise dialogues and some breezy comedy… and the memory of my first crush made it worth watching. There were many similarities between my life and the movie– the karate, the apprehension of the first love, the palm sweating–but sadly I never made that one grand gesture.

Throughout the movie, I was left wondering, is it really possible to be that wise when one is ten. Was I the only one who lacked in wisdom department when I was 10, or 11 for that matter? I am pretty much sure I could not speak the word excruciating, that too twice. I also think I would not have courage to call the property dealer and see the house all by myself. I definitely would have frozen if the fight would have ensued. I still have dreams about how I’ll react in such a situation– we all are sleeping on the rooftop(my parents, my brothers, my best friend, my crush and his best friends) and monkey-man is planning to attack us. I see him, but my tongue is frozen, my arms are frozen. I want to shout, but I can’t. He just smirks at me and keeps on planning his attack. But both the kids showed so much of courage while fighting with the so-assumed nemesis that I felt ashamed of my dream.

In case the last para didn’t make sense to you, it means you haven’t watched the movie yet, and you have been living under the rock like me. Welcome to my world. On a serious note, when you have some spare time for a cute movie, go ahead and watch it.

My favorite dialogue:

Maybe not everything is supposed to last forever. Certain things are like… like… skywriting. Like, like, like a really beautiful thing that lasts for a couple moments and then… You know?

The film made me want to see New York. Another place to add to my “”to-be-visited” list. At this rate, I won’t ever complete this list. With this, I’d like to Thank my friend who suggested me this movie. He’s a die-hard romantic like me (probably more!) and weaves some awesome dreams in his blogposts like this. He has his fictitious girlfriend called “Ananya” and he believes violin would play whenever he would meet her. (For all interested Ananya(s), his blogpost is linked above, and there is a contact form in his blog too. :P)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. parulthakur24
    Feb 14, 2015 @ 23:52:40

    Lovely post!! I should watch the movie – I feel I’m going to love it! And yes, I will also visit your friend’s blog !!
    Keep sharing!


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