Second Chances: A Monday Musing (Feb 16)

I know I have forgotten to put my musings on Monday, but I always remember to post my musing on some other day, then decide to wait for Monday and finally end up forgetting it.

Made sense? No? Don’t worry. My thoughts rarely make sense.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, the Musing Monday is a weekly meme hosted at Should be Reading wherein we are asked to talk about the book we are reading, and well since I love musing, the post tend to turn into something else.

These days I am re-reading Judith Mcnaught’s book called Perfect.  I adore this book. I have read it many times, but its story moves me every time I read it. This time, this story about second opportunities came along with my friend sharing her V-Day pics in which she had prepared a whole room and everything for her husband. It was all very sweet, except for one fact that this is their second chance. Her husband had been violent towards her in past and had turned over to a new leaf(her words, not mine). They had been fighting for divorce just one and a half year back, and now she prepared a valentine day’s surprise for him.

This left me wondering that was it possible to forgive past transgressions just because you love someone? To what extent one can make peace with the past? The characters of Judith Macnaught novel have to travel only through the blames, but my dear friend even forgave her husband for all that violence and heartbreak.

I seem to have wandered in some tangent here; I guess that’s what my musing is all about– is it really possible to forgive someone or is it just a compromise?


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  1. TheLastWord
    Feb 17, 2015 @ 03:36:30

    hmm – “I seem to have wandered in some tangent here”. Welcome to the king od Digression…. I’ve taken to put in my posts to deal with my tangential thinking.

    The question, however, is a complex one. I think it is impossible to say with any confidence how you will behave unless it actually happens. One may want to behave a certain way. One may be certain that one will behave in a certain way. One may surprise oneself, though, when one is forced to make that decision.


  2. parulthakur24
    Feb 17, 2015 @ 11:17:30

    I haven’t read this book and may be I should!
    Coming over to your friend – I have also seen men/women trying their best to prevent marriages from falling off but I also feel everyone needs to draw a line beyond which hurt is unacceptable.
    May your friend’s life be happy!


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