In the city of seas and dreams : In Mumbai

It has been a month since I updated my blog, and it has been a month of changes. I left the city I was born in and moved to Mumbai (Navi Mumbai to be precise). And the question that has been asked multiple times since then is “how is Mumbai treating me?”

I honestly have no answer for this because the whole month was strewn with moments, some bad, some good. There are times when I feel like an Alien in the city, but then there are times when it feels like a city which wants to embrace me. It has been a bumpy ride and now, I am getting the rhythm of the city. I have traveled by trains, experimented with some local food and set up my kitchen as well.

Beyond this, past two months have been different in a way as I met three of my friends from the blogging world and each of them on different occassion.

1) My first meeting was with Ragini Puri of Solitary Reaper fame who let me tag along with her on a show of one of my favorite Hindi poets, Gulzaar. I have been wanting to listen to him for so long, but since I live under a rock, I always missed his coming. But Ragini told me about one of his event which I was able to attend.

2) Second person I met is Pankti Mehta from who cooked an authentic Gujarati dinner for me which was so awesome that I had to wonder why did I ever go to Rajdhani restaurant for the taste of Gujarati food.

3) While the above two meeting were during my last days in Delhi, I met Uttpal of Fashionable Foods here in Navi Mumbai. He has been a big support during my shifting to Mumbai by guiding me about different places and things here. I finally met him and his family on Sunday and it was truly a beautiful experience. It should also be mentioned that his wife made traditional Maharashtrian fare for me.

I am quite skeptical about meeting new people and especially the people with whom I aready am friends online because I am afraid that reality might turn out to be a bit different from illusions. I fear that I might end up losing the online friendship as well. That is the reason I am yet to meet my oldest online friends.

But then, I not only met these three friends, I ended up enjoying meeting them. My illusions didn’t shatter, but yes, my perception did change slightly. (More like the image I had in my mind of these people got a bit finetuned!)

So, here is a thank you to this wind of change which swept me. I don’t know still where this change will take me, but wherever it is, I am hopefu that I will be a better person surrounded by the people who love and inspire me.

P.S. And on that note, since the number of my travel and food stories is on rise, I am starting a new blog for this one. I will still write my musing, review and writing thing here, but the travel and food stories are going to come up there along with my Mumbai experiences. Name to revealed by tomorrow. 

P.P.S. Few of my stories have been purchased by a website. Details again will be coming later and it is not a very big jig, but it is a start at least.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonia Lal
    May 20, 2015 @ 01:35:08

    That’s great! Sounds like you’re having a good time. Is Mumbai very different from Delhi?


    • parichitasingh
      May 20, 2015 @ 13:09:47

      Not that different, but there are some cultural difference. And then there is a language gap too. Although most of the people do understand Hindi and English, the north Indian style of Hindi is not that easily understood. Rents are super high and houses very small, but otherwise it is just the same.


  2. parulthakur24
    May 20, 2015 @ 22:37:28

    That’s great! Good to know you are doing well and happy! Looking forward to your new blog!


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