Whatcha Wearing? — A Korean movie Review.


Watcha Wearing is a Korean movie which was released in 2012. To answer the question, no, I do not know Korean as a language, but I love Korean cinemas and dramas. I watch them with subtitles like many other language movies. 

I came across the name of the movie while cruising the web and was intrigued by the idea of the movie. The hero and heroine of the movie get to know each other when heroine wrongly dials the wrong number(one digit gets changed) and doesn’t realize that she is sex-talking with someone other than the boyfriend. She realizes her mistake much later. It was hilarious to see how embarrassed she felt. I was feeling embarrassed for her.

The hero had been recently dumped and hence calls that wrong number slut to express her anger towards the female gender. And That is how their unusual friendship starts. Since their first wrong conversation was sexual in nature, they are quite open with each other, and that sparks an unusual conversation. There comes a scene in a story where hero asks heroine to meet and she tells that they might lose the comfort of talking. And I was like I so hear you. When they finally meet, the heroine get cold feet and refuse to meet him but he finds her. And they couldn’t decide whether they are strangers or not.

You can see that they are falling for each other and they also feel it, but then they already have their regular boyfriend and girlfriend and a phone relation is not given that much importance.

The movie was very realistic and very heart-touching. It represented many of my dilemmas I myself have faced and actors were awesome. I think I have found my second Korean love in the hero. When he smiled, I just could not help rewinding the scene and saying awww. 🙂

Best scene of the movie was when both hero and heroine decide to spend night in the motel room and then they were uncomfortable. They sit on the two side of the bed with their back to each other and talk on phone. And in between the conversations, the guy get between the sheets with the heroine, claiming that connection is now all connected. Although the sex is prominent in the whole movie, this scene artistically fades away, leaving a smile on the face of the viewers(at least for me it did! I also might have rewound the scene 3 or 4 times. :P)

I still remember those wrong numbers I and my friends used to dial from the landline just in the hope that maybe someone interesting on other line will pick up(although I am not sure we knew what we were searching for!). My friend actually did meet and date someone this way, although the call was from other end and the guy was not too good. But at that time, I hated my phone because I had never dialed right kind of wrong number or got a call from that right wrong number. (:)) The life was so much fun then!) The movie made me wonder about all those dreams and could have been I have cooked over the phone conversations. I still weave those could-have-beens sometimes, but then the right connection has not been there yet. (That must be the cheesiest line of this review.)

Most of the Korean series and movies I have seen are more suggestive, but this movie starts with a sexy banter and brings the sensuality of the two characters in the front. It might be the first actual 18+ movie I have seen in Korean language. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Teresa
    Feb 14, 2016 @ 01:44:26

    I tried to find a link to watch it, but nothing came up, can you please tell me where you watched it.


    • parichitasingh
      Feb 15, 2016 @ 11:38:16

      There are few sites where you can see this movie, but the availability varies from region to region. Try viki.com. That’s the best site. Dramafever.com also has this I think. Otherwise I mostly see them on itvmovies.tv. That website works in my region.


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