Deceptive Cadence– A book review

I got this book from NetGalley(my first NetGalley book I was able to download! Before this I could not make out how to use the website. So, yay me!). I selected this book because I loved the subject of the book– of going back into the time and living the high school life once again. And honestly, I was not disappointed.


Deceptive Cadence

Book’s Name: Deceptive Cadence

Author’s Name: Katie Hamstead

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This book is about a girl named Cadence who suffers sudden loss of her husband and her little daughter. She is broken and is suffering from the trauma when she gets a chance to go 11 year back in time. (I am wondering why did the author select 11 year as the time to go back? It never was mentioned in the story.) She ends up in high school and tries to live her life so that the things are changed and that accident does not happen.

While living the teenage life again, she is allowed to keep her memories intact so that she can make the decision in accordingly. But despite knowing this, she meets a guy, James, she is unable to resist. It is the story of how she changes her lifestyle when all the things changed.

What I loved

  1. The Concept: I don’t know about you but I have wondered many times how things will change if I get to live the past again, especially the teenage years. I have wondered this thing about millions of people– those who have good life now, those who made mistakes and are suffering for them, and even those who are my in my never-talk-to list now. I loved that the author touched the subject and she did show the behavior being altered with the wisdom of future.
  2. Complicated Romance: Again, another of enjoyable topic. It touches the question of loyalty something which has not yet happened, but is going to happen. The conflict between teenager Cadence’s loyalty to her future, and her desires in the present(past!) is shown nicely and adds a different dimension to the romance. I could feel Cadence’s confusion in the story and her struggle to align the present and future.

What I disliked

  1. Ending: I know cliffhanger endings are all in vogue and it ensures that the readers will purchase the second book, I still do not enjoy them. I want the story I started reading to end by the end of the book. I wish it had.
  2. Unnecessary Details: I do not have paragraphs to highlight for this, but sometimes, while reading the book I kept on feeling that the story was being dragged unnecessarily, the things could have been shortened considerably. This is true for Cadence and James romance where the author felt like focusing on their everyday life more and more.

Overall Opinion

This is the first time I have read this author, but I enjoyed the concept of the plot and the various question it asked. I also enjoyed the book as I struggled to make right decision while imagining myself in Cadence shoes. It is a fun book and I will definitely read the second part to know the story. In fact this might be the only book which want me to interview the author to understand the motivation behind certain points of the book.

Three Stars

Questions For my readers:

Have you guys ever thought about having the power to change the past? In fact, if you know the future and are allowed to go in past time of your life, will you change the thing?


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