Equinox– The Book Club Review


Book’s Name: Equinox

Author’s Name: Madhuri Maitra

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This book review is a long pending one from my side. I got Equinox as a part of the The Book Club tour that is long past over. Somehow, I missed the allocated date and then was left with the misunderstanding that the reviews are yet to be uploaded. And by the time the misunderstanding got cleared, I had office work (loads of!) to deal with. Story of my life it seems!

Let me get to the book review directly. What interested me in the book was the blurb which painted it as the story of how a story contest brings five different characters together and changes their life. This might not sound like a big deal but I remember one similar contest that changed my life and inspired me to write. I was a closet writer before that competition, but it made me realize that I enjoyed writing and uncovering the characters who live in my mind. I had expected something similar to that in the book.

I was right, and I was wrong  too. The characters in this novel developed in a different way. When the short story contest equinox is announced with prize money in lakhs, five different people decide to pen down the story for it. These five different people belong to different parts of India and have different outlook of life. They look into their own life and time to find that one story and they end up discovering life.
What I liked
1) The first think I liked was the concept of the story. The book clearly showed the struggle a writer or a non-writer has to go through in order to create a story. I have struggled myself like this, creating those half-finished plots. In fact, my diary and my writing portfolio is filled with those half-finished plots.
2) The story did not focus on the writing competition itself, but the author has let the characters grow as they wanted. Many a time the writers shape the characters how they expect them to behave which makes the book feel artificial, but in this case nothing like this happens. There is one character in the story who does not even feel like writer. The best part was that the author did not pull machina deus ex and let those character(s) win. Instead, the story flow in a streamline manner.
3) There is a part of abandoned plot one of the abandoned story of the writers, that features letters. It is basically a romance of two Indian Royal families. It was just amazing to try fill in the blank for this story.
What I disliked
1) I think this is my problem with half of the Indian books I read, even the famous ones. The story is told rather than being shown. I am not saying this as a writer, but as a reader. The story written by the writers in the book had more action as compared to the original story.  This makes the story boring for me. The story became boring for me especially when it came to the characters of D’souzas.
Overall Review
The book was the mix of hits and misses for me. Some parts of the books were quite delightful, while some parts of the book were drag. You can definitely give it a try for its concept and honesty.
Three Stars

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