Wednesday’s Wandering Thoughts: A December Poem

Hello everyone.¬† I feel like speaking in Korean when I write Hello everyone these days. Or maybe in Urdu. Or maybe in Punjabi. In fact English is also not that bad, but then those three languages take the cake. Sadly I don’t know either of the three well enough(I don’t know Korean AT ALL, except I think I can say Hello and I love you in it. Not that I am going to say it to anyone) to write this post in. So, English it is.
December always has been a beautiful month for me. For one, first of December heralds the end of Nanowrimo. I did not win this year, but it was a personally a win as I managed to crank 35k words. In the year, when all I have written are the work things, it feels good to end the year with 35k words even and a glimmer of the story at least. The whole November was a whirl of activities, with Diwali, Nanowrimo, and some of the awesome plays and movies(No, I couldn’t have given them up. I got to see them after a long, long wait.)


Every year when December sets in, I go in the mode of mini-panic. “Oh no! It can’t be December already. I was supposed to do so many things this year. And there is so much left to be done.” Same is the case this year. I had this whole list of goals and ideas I wanted to implement, the things I wanted to do, the books I wanted to read, the movies I wanted to see, the places I wanted to visit– I think I have not finished even half of those things. Not even 25% of the things. I can blame my shifting to Mumbai. I can blame my homesickness for this. But then I recall that it happens every year and I take a deep breath.


I was going to write a review of a play actually, but that post
is languishing in draft right now and I just wanted to feel the beginning of December? (Does it even make senseРcan one really feel the beginning of December or any other month!) The beginning of the ending of the year or probably the beginning of the a new beginning.


I have decided already that the next year will be different– something more. Actually I feel it in my bones that next year will be different. I don’t know yet how different. Of course I have plans too, and those plans will be posted on the blog as well, but still I feel that the next year will be very different with some unexpected surprises.


Here is how I feel on this first of December.


where the dreams fall
like the white snowflakes,
covering every grunge and metal,
giving them shining white surface.
Oh, the possibilities are endless:
A snowman of the words,
an ice-skating rink to explore new ideas
(and probably fall while learning to skate!)
or maybe just a cup of hot chocolate
as the dreams fall around me
in different shapes and sizes.


It’s December yet again,
and by the windows
the dreams are falling.
Some turn into the droplets
even before they fall,
while some are still there
waiting to be shaped into




Do you always feel similar way about December, like it is marking the beginning of new dreams and putting the full stop(or period) to some of them?

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