Sweet Revenge: A book review (with the dash of new year and rich boyfriends)

Hello, dear readers. The long forgotten blog writer is back. Happy New Year to all of you, although I am one month late. I am very excited to start the new year and the posting once again. This January marked the beginning of many new things. The list of good news first:

1) For the first time since coming to Mumbai, there were events which made me feel that I can belong here. It is so amazing to feel that a city is ready to love you back, especially after it had shown a lot of nakhras (For my English readers, showing nakhras means sort of acting like a snob here!)

2) I turned 31 years old in January, and I have a feeling that this year is going to be the beautiful year.

3) I have been working on the new blog(remember, I talked about it?) design and all.

4) I finally purchased my DSLR camera.

5) And now, I am posting my first review of the book that is long past the date I promised to review (Sorry, but I was way too busy in organizing and celebrating things. I really did not expect everything to happen in just two months, but it did. Honestly I feel that I haven’t slept for like past two months.)

Sweet Revenge 


Olivier Lafont 



If revenge was a dish best served cold, then French Adonis Guy Leguerec knew exactly what to serve treacherous and desirable Eve Watson… 
Seven years after Louisiana, where Eve devastated his heart and ruthlessly wiped out his future, Guy finds her in Boston opening her first art showing. Now a wealthy and powerful shipping magnate, Guy lures Eve into his trap of seduction and opulence, intent on one thing only: getting revenge for her crimes. 
When American artist Eve Watson sees the only man she ever loved enter the art gallery, and re-enter her life, she feels helpless terror and frenzied desire. Seven years ago Guy Leguerec had seduced her heart, exploited her body, and then discarded her. Against her better judgment she accepts his invitation, and once again they spiral into a maelstrom of irresistible passion, divinely rampant sex, and the brutal politics of unknown intentions… 
Violently sundered by their volatile misconceptions, Eve flees Boston in emotional tatters, and Guy grudgingly lets her vanish, his revenge thwarted. 
But destiny has planned otherwise: Eve has taken an art job in Paris, ignorant of the fact that the company is one of many subsidiary businesses belonging to Guy. Flung together again in an even more precarious position, Eve and Guy must war with each other and themselves, and confront seven years of misapprehension and malign manipulation. Greed, family vendetta, and deception have eaten away at the intimacy they once shared — 
But is the truth enough to save their desperate, shipwrecked love? 
 Review and Thoughts
My first thought on picking up the book was who designed the cover for the book? The cover looks like the cover shot of the erotica contest! Not that I have anything against erotica, but the cover and the book should somewhat matched. No? I took the book when it came to book club because it was the romance, and secondly because my friends have already told me about it.

The book did not disappoint me at all. It’s a simple story of a guy meets a girl, a misunderstanding happens, and then they separate. They meet again when the hero wants to take his revenge and the passion rekindles. I know, you are thinking it is the same old story. It really is, but then that’s mostly what romance is. What sets this book apart is its engaging pace and the portrayal of the character. I will put it as a one time read which will remind you of why you love the romance reading.

My Favourite bits

1) Rich guy: Every story with a rich guy who falls in love with a normal woman should be a winner. Because it gives story such a dreamy quality.

2) Romance: The romance was the best part of the book. So many books keep on showing flighty heroines with a little penchant for romance and all. But the romance had the power to keep me invested in the story.

The questionable bits

1) Rags to riches: I have no problem with the heroes who are rich and fall for normal woman, but I do raise my eyebrows when I read that a character rose to such heights in the span of one year, without any stock market or initial investment or godfather. Maybe there are people like this, but I refuse to believe such people exist because otherwise what am I doing in my life? And no, business is not the magic word to be that successful.

2) Wide-eyed misunderstanding: I know that is not really questionable, but why don’t people talk to each other before judging others? I mean I could see at the first place itself what is wrong with their relationship, so why couldn’t they. (Again if I am being honest, I have done that too, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get frustrated at the hero and heroine).

3) Predictability: This is not really a bad thing as sometime one needs predictability of story. Sometimes, the warm predictability is like a lover’s embrace after a weary day. But then at the end of the read, when you are analysing what you read, you feel like you have been served the same dish with a different name (or as they call same wine in different bottle, but since I am a teetotaller, my examples are going to be a bit different.)

3) The Cover: I know it has been prepared by an artist, and I actually like her other work. But I don’t know why she chose this particular image for the novel. I mean it is like she wanted it to look more tantalizing than the real story itself and did not feel that the book in itself will be sufficient to attract readers. I know I am being harsh, but that cover looks like vampire sucking someone’s ears, or a person ready to whisper naughty bits in the ears. I really don’t understand what the artist is trying to depict here!

Overall view

It’s a book which is definitely worth a one-time read. The characters of the story might not stay with me for a long time, but it is a book which gave me a comfort on a cold night. I read it, and I smiled and dreamed. That makes it a worthy romance book in my opinion.
(Please don’t judge it by its cover, and oh, I like the author’s face. He could have acted as the model for the cover. Maybe.)

My rating for the book

Three Stars
Final Thoughts

There’s a thing I have always wondered: do people really want to marry and fall in love with rich men? I personally think that if I am not dreaming and I really get a chance to be with someone very rich, I will take 50 steps backwards. I know that the wealth does not define the worth in any way, but then I think I am afraid of truly wealthy people, like they are stuff made of glitter. They might shine from distance but once you are near, you can see the unevenness and roughness which comes with the application of glitter. I really don’t know any rich people (I know only normal people.), yet I have this strong notion that the lifestyle of rich will never suit me.

This is my secret confession of tonight. I will leave you to soothe your eyes with the amazing pic of the author (I have kept it large enough so that all the readers can enjoy that as well. ;-)). See you soon with another post.

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About The Author 
Olivier Lafont is a French author, screenplay writer, and actor. His novel ‘Warrior’ was published by Penguin Random House, and was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize. He has just released his new contemporary romance novel ‘Sweet Revenge’ exclusively on Kindle. ‘Purgatory: The Gun of God’ is a fantasy novelette published in South Africa.

Lafont has written a number of feature film scripts before. The first film he wrote opened at the Toronto Film Festival and went on to win seven awards at film festivals worldwide.

As an actor Lafont has acted in Hollywood and Indian films, in TV serials, and in over 80 television commercials. He acted in ‘3 Idiots’, one of India’s all-time blockbuster hits, the critically-acclaimed ‘Guzaarish’, and the Lifetime film ‘Baby Sellers’, amongst other films.

Lafont graduated with two degrees in acting and writing from Colgate University, USA, with academic distinction.


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    Welcome back!! Belated birthday wishes.:). Wow! All the best for your new blog.



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