Snow Queen: A Short Story REview

It has been so long since I read short story or reviewed it or talked about it.  I recently read Snow Queen and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hence this small Sunday review.


There is a magazine called Timeless Tales magazine which I enjoy, not only for reading but also for prompting my creativity. The prompt for coming season in the magazine is Snow Queen. And then I realized that there is a story of Hans Christian Andersen which I have not read.


It was totally my loss– the story is awesome. It is a bit of a longish tale with seven stories combined into one, but each tale carries its own magic. And more importantly I believe that the story describes how we all grow old. The story talks of a goblin-made-fault-finding mirror which shatters and enters into the eyes of the humans and makes them see the fault in everyone. Isn’t it true for our growing up as well? As we grow up, we start seeing more of faults then the good qualities in everything. And then we get lost like the characters of the story in one or the other thing– without knowing the reason why are we lost.


I absolutely adored the story. I am not sure what I will be able to write for the magazine, but it was a very interesting reading at least.  As the story progressed I could see the story which inspired Chronicles of Narnia(it felt inspired to me for the Edward’s abduction section at least) and Frozen(although the story is too altered).


That’s all for today. Oh, and for my writer friends, the Timeless Tales magazine is a paid magazine for short story submission, in case you are inspired.

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