Monday Musings on Tuesday(Wednesday)

I had a very busy day, and hence this entry is quite delayed. Today’s musing is about the devil, what we perceive as devil.Have you ever wondered who the devil truly is or what form it can take? Is the person who kills the devil, or is the true devil the person who gave the killer the arms? Is the devil the people who are of different caste/color/creed/religion, or is the devil that hatred that makes us forget who we are? I have seen people using rape as the means to destroy the homosexual nature; I see the atrocities inflicted on others– all in the name of love.

I know the answer to the question seems straightforward, but it is really not. A friend of mine, let’s call her P, once encountered  suicide. Her friend had committed the suicide. She beat herself because a day before she had talked to that friend. It has been four years since that suicide happened, and my friend still carries the guilt of it. The reason for suicide was like most of the time failed love. Now the question is who’s the devil here: my friend P (for not realising what her friend was going through), the person who committed suicide, or the cause of suicide? It is not easy to put everything in black and white, right? Each person can be devil or probably not.

I am reading a book called The Summer That Melted Everything. The book is about a boy who came to town claiming to be a devil. The book is literary fiction and has given me a lot of food for thought. I have been thinking of Devil since I started reading the book. There is a paragraph in the book that deeply resonates with me.

If the devil was going to come, I expected to see the myth of him. A demon with an asphalt shine. He’d be fury. A chill. A bad cough. Cujo at the car window, a ticket at the Creepshow booth, a leap into the depth of night. I imagined him with reptilian skin in a suit whose burning lapel set off fire alarms. His fingernails sharp as teeth and cannibals in ten different ways. Snakes on him like tar. Flies buzzing around him like an odd sense of humor. There would be hooves, horns, pitchforks. Maybe a goatee. This is what I thought he’d be. A spectacular fright. I was wrong. I had made the mistake of hearing the word devil and immediately imagined horns.

That’s what we expect devil to be. Dark. Bad. Horns (probably). A fallen angel (for some). We expect that when the devil comes there will be announcements, that everyone will know that.

The book continues with the above passage telling how wrong the protagonist of the story was.

But did you know that in Wisconsin, there is a lake, a wondrous lake, called the Devil? In Wyoming, there is a magnificent intrusion of rock named after the same. There is even a most spectacular breed of praying mantis known as the devil’s flower. And a flower, in the genus Crocosmia, known simply as Lucifer. Why, upon hearing the word devil, did I just imagine the monster? Why did I fail to see a lake? A flower growing by that lake? A mantis praying on the very top of a rock? A foolish mistake, it is, to expect the beast, because sometimes, sometimes, it is the flower’s turn to own the name.

Today, my musing is nothing more than the question: what’s devil? Is it us?  Or is it someone else?

P.S. : I am in love with the book. This is just the snippet of what I want to share. There’s a review coming up soon. 



FrostBite by Joshua Bader

Frostbite (Modern Knights #1)


Books’ Name: FrostBite

Author’s Name: Joshua Bader

Publisher: City Owl Press

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Colin Fisher is a young man with a lot of problems on his plate: a dying father, a dead car doubling as a home, and a mysteriously disappeared fiancée. You’d think with a magical inclination he’d be able to turn it all around, but not so much.

Yet his bad luck appears to be on the way out when the CEO of a multinational corporation offers him a job. It’s a sweet gig as a personal wizard with a fat paycheck. It just has one catch. The paranoid CEO isn’t a mere hypochondriac, he’s been hexed with an authentic ancient curse.

Now Colin is the only thing standing between his new boss and a frozen bundle of fangs, claws, and rage. If he can’t stop the cannibal ice demon in time to save his new boss, it’ll be back to living out of his dead car. That is, if he even survives the battle.


Frostbite was a netgalley book—and a very interesting one at that. I was attracted to the book because of its blurb. I mean how cool it is to have one’s personal wizard? If I had one, I would make him/her do all the work of cleaning, washing etc. (Okay, I do have a maid for all that), but a personal wizard will be far more interesting. So, I wanted to see what does the personal wizard do in the book.

But in reality, this story is more than the story of a personal wizard. The story is fast-paced and quite interesting journey of a vagabond wizard to the realization of why he became the wizard. The story has a lot of world-building which happens along with the story as we discover the new world with the Wizard Colin Fisher himself.

What I liked

Fast-Pace: The story is written in quite a fast pace. This fast pace keeps the readers engaged throughout the story. You won’t feel that the story is dragging too much.

World-Building: Very few books are able to make the reader believe the world they are building is possible. This story truly does establish that belief and hence it made the book more interesting for me.

Magic: The interesting way the magic is used made me smile in the book. It is creative and innovative.

What I disliked

Unanswered questions/underutilized characters: There are some characters which just touch and go like the lake faerie. I wish there was more to these characters and their roles in the story Probably the reason for these characters are in the coming novel, but for now they feel underutilized and fillers (which one doesn’t notice because of the pace of the story, but I still wanted to know why they were in the story like what is their long-term purpose.)

Overall opinion

It is an interesting book which sets the stage for the coming sequel. You won’t find the main story incomplete in this part of the book, but it leaves the readers with enough thirst to wait for the next part and see what exactly is going to happen. It is like you have decided to enter a dungeon and this is the first room, and you are really curious to know what was the reason author pulled you in this dungeon.

Definitely a must-read for the fans who enjoy such fantasy.

My ratings:

Four Stars

Monday Musings: The Shipping Wars

My musing is actually a musing today. 😛

I have always wondered about the shipping wars, and how people get so involved in the characters that they are all ready to slay everyone with words for the shipping of their favourite couples.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I love watching Korean serials. This time my favourite serial had been Reply Me 1988 which focused on the teenage love for the kids of 1988. I was so crazy about it that I binge watched 2 hours long episode without moving even once from my seat. So, like every teenage romance, this has a love triangle which was not resolved till the very end of the series. The whole Kdramas fan were on pins and needles to know who is the heroine going to select. And there was shit-talk– a lot of it. One shipping fans at the throat of other shipping fans. If one searched for the tweets during the last episodes, all that could be seen was the resentment that one shipping did not work or the joy that the other shipping couple worked. My first time seeing the Twitter war.

Today I was going through the profile of author Sarah J. Mass to know the release date of the next book of series of Throne of Glass, and I saw the people fighting over who should get the heroine in end. This is square(or probably a parallelogram kind of series with till now three love interests of heroine) and everybody had their own views. They were quite civilized, unlike Reply Me fans, but it made me wonder: does shipping really matter? I mean I am okay with whoever the heroine selects, provided that is how the story is written. It doesn’t really matter to me who gets the heroine in either of the cases if the romance is well-built.

Does that mean I am less invested in the characters? I don’t know. For me character arcs should progress well. Of course, I might have been a little miffed if Katniss had gone with wrong person in Hunger Games, but I do not consider myself as the shipping couple kind of person.

Do you participate in shipping wars of the couple? Does it really matters who gets whom in the end?