Monday Musings: The Shipping Wars

My musing is actually a musing today. ­čśŤ

I have always wondered about the shipping wars, and how people get so involved in the characters that they are all ready to slay everyone with words for the shipping of their favourite couples.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I love watching Korean serials. This time my favourite serial had been Reply Me 1988 which focused on the teenage love for the kids of 1988. I was so crazy about it that I binge watched 2 hours long episode without moving even once from my seat. So, like every teenage romance, this has a love triangle which was not resolved till the very end of the series. The whole Kdramas fan were on pins and needles to know who is the heroine going to select. And there was shit-talk– a lot of it. One shipping fans at the throat of other shipping fans. If one searched for the tweets during the last episodes, all that could be seen was the resentment that one shipping did not work or the joy that the other shipping couple worked. My first time seeing the Twitter war.

Today I was going through the profile of author Sarah J. Mass┬áto know the release date of the next book of series of Throne of Glass, and I saw the people fighting over who should get the┬áheroine in end. This is square(or probably a parallelogram kind of series with till now three love interests of heroine) and everybody had their own views. They were quite civilized, unlike Reply Me fans, but it made me wonder: does shipping really matter? I mean I am okay with whoever the heroine selects, provided that is how the story is written. It doesn’t really matter to me who gets the heroine in either of the cases if the romance is well-built.

Does that mean I am less invested in the characters? I don’t know. For me character arcs should progress well. Of course, I might have been a little miffed if Katniss had gone with wrong person in Hunger Games, but I do not consider myself as the shipping couple kind of person.

Do you participate in shipping wars of the couple? Does it really matters who gets whom in the end?