Monday Musings (29.08.16) Emotional/ Intellectual Infidelity

Hello everyone.  I am back after a big laptop crash. Thankfully, my data is secure and safe because of the opportunate purchase of the hard disk a day before crashing. Some days the life decides to smile on you!

Today I want to talk about emotional infidelity. It is something which most of the people take for granted. You know like one can show the physical infidelity and prove it, but what does one do with emotional infidelity or the intellectual one? I mean one cannot condemn anyone for just talking (and this is the exact phrase that I have heard people talking of).

The reason for this thought starts from a play I recently watched and a show.

  1. Broken Images is a play (more of a monologue) in which the actress Shabana Azmi plays the lead role. I am not going to talk about the story here because it is the play of surprises, and I’m hopeful some of you will get to see it somewhere since the play has traveled many places. But the story raises a big question about intellectual infidelity. The act of conversation is compared to the act of making love. And that’s what started the wheels in my mind.
  2. The second is the show called Uncontrollably Fond. In this TV show, one of the characters goes to a escort just to have dinner with her and look at her. That escort looks like his first love, and all he does is to look at her. This happened before the show and I was left feeling pity for the whole situation. (Don’t watch the drama just for this scene though. )

I have met people in my life who do not consider emotional infidelity (or intellectual one) important. I have seen one of my cousins being advised to be good in bed because conversations just remain conversations. I had snorted and had gotten a stink-eye from my aunt then. But on a serious note, I do believe that there is something much more sadder when one encounters such unfaithfulness. Because how do you complaint to someone about mere conversations? Someone can, and will, always answer that it is all in your mind.

In fact, I have seen the similar answers given for emotional abuse as well. Physical scars are something which everyone sees. Emotional ones are told off as being “in your head”.

But they exist! In case you ever get the feeling, please remember these do exist. Next time, you a hear a person telling you such a story, don’t just tell them to be busy in something else as it is all in their mind. Emotional/Intellectual infidelity does exist.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. veturisarma
    Aug 30, 2016 @ 17:34:41

    I didn’t understand the meaning of E or I Infidelity. What does it mean?


    • parichitasingh
      Aug 31, 2016 @ 21:48:20

      I think I should have indicated this in the blog post itself, but never mind. Emotional Infidelity is when one is physically faithful to one’s partner, but one is emotionally/intellectually dependent upon someone else. In such cases, most of the time one starts overlooking one’s partner, and all the focus is on that emotional/intellectual partner. There is a very thin line between the friendship and infidelity. It is like when one starts craving those emotional and intellectual discussion more. The words, the scenes, the emotions, the arguments, all that should have been discussed with the partner comes in the kitty of this emotional and intellectual partner. I hope you get it because I do not think this is something which can be measured to explain. While it is easier to see and punish the physical infidelity, the emotional/intellectual infidelity claim gets marked out as suspicion and insecurity most of the times.


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