Alcohol: My Bookish confession 1

olThe first day of A to Z challenge, and I am all geared up. When I first sat one fine morning 5 days ago to think about what I want to write, there were no doubts in my mind about some letters. A was one of them.

A= Alcohol

Now, I know alcohol is not really related to reading or writing (except for the few authors who claim to write better when drunk), but for me, it kind of is. I am a teetotaller. I am from a family where I did not see anyone taking alcohol. I did see the people drinking and weaving their way around drunk in the movies, but they were just there. One thing that was always told to me was that alcohol is a vice: can affect the physical and emotional health badly, can impair decision and so on (lessons of childhood).

Fast forward the time, and let us come to the time when I started reading.

My stint with the adult reading started with historical romances where the “sherry” was ever-present during the dinners, drinking port was the manly things to do, and Scottish whiskey tested the true mettle of the manhood. I was amused and chalked it off to European culture. Then came American novels where again the bars and pubs were the hangout zone, and beer was the best friend of the characters. I soon forayed into YA and new adult where again the forbidden alcohol and fake IDs made the way. Even fantasy novels had their own version of alcoholic drinks.

The Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Italian, European, and American TV series have similar situations.

I was just flabbergasted. What world is this where people cannot hangout without really drinking alcohol? What world is this where the alcohol defines the “coolness quotient”?  What world is this where there is a brew that people relies on to”forget their sorrows”?

A= Alcohol= Bookish Confession 1

I did encounter the people who liked to partake alcohol during my college days. I was a party to a few of the people who forayed into their first sip of alcohol and told me that it tasted bitter. I have been party to the drunk calls, drunk confessions, drunk “amnesia”, and so on. Still, I do not get the fascination of the alcohol. I still feel that the books and stories glorify the alcohol. They showcase that the alcohol means friendship, being cool, finding the love,  while that may not be the true picture. They all showcase the world where the alcohol is the staple drink everywhere while it is not so.

I have been told that I feel this way mostly because I am living in a cave where the light or “alcohol” never reaches. But truly that is not the case. There is a bar that I can see from one of the windows of my house. I am a working woman who has to attend some of the office parties (I hate them– too many formalities and show for my taste). I know alcohol exist, and there are people who enjoy it in healthy (and unhealthy) manner too.

But still, somewhere deep down, I feel that this is not the part of my world. And probably that is why I will never be a good writer. I have written about the characters who partake alcohol, but it is all on the surface. I will never scratch that surface and reach to the heart which desires the drink so badly. I will never enter the world where the characters need to be drunk to confess their heart or to forget their sorrows. I might create the world and paintings of such people, but they will forever be away from me because I do not need to be drunk to experience the life in any of the forms.

I read the books and scenes of bars/pubs/dinner parties/solo drink sessions and all. But I am never the character in that scene. I do associate myself with the characters in the books: I can see myself in the victims, heroes, villains, heroines, and even animals. I just never cannot see myself in the shoes of the person taking the alcohol.

This is my first confession, a weird one probably, but the bookish confession nevertheless. (And no, I never felt the compulsion to take alcohol. I cannot even take carbonated drinks because they taste bitter to me.)

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  1. yogaseema
    Apr 02, 2017 @ 00:55:11

    Thank you for sharing, I really liked reading your post and admire and respect that you are not part of that world. I think you show confidence in knowing yourself in relation to the surrounding world. I was married to a high functioning alcoholic, so I saw the extreme of this disease. As I’ve often heard, it is a cunning and baffling disease. That said, I think although one might not have that desire or understand the attraction to drink, there are plenty of other attractions that can emulate alcohol and can be used in leu of alcohol but offer the same desires and longing, so maybe you don’t understand alcohol, maybe you can replace it with another idea, e.g., food or other attractions. Just a thought.


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