B=(Motor) Bikes=Bookish Confession#2

I am running so late today that I almost missed the post. So, for alphabet B, I want to talk about bikes and books and perhaps the general perception of the bikes. I know bike is a word which encompasses a lot of things, but I am going to talk about motor cycle today, which in India is also termed as bike.


The bike is such a quintessential thing in the novels. If you look at YA, bike either means biker gangs or the bad boys. If we take a look at romance, bike again is shown as the indication of the bad boys. Move on to serious topics, and there you will find bike associated with criminals or police. That is what the identity of bike is.

I am yet to come across the book which uses bikes as bikes–the means of transportation. In my city and country, the bikes do not necessarily mean bad boys. I mean yes, we are all told about bumps and jumps on the roads when on bike etc., and those tricks are common here too, but bike here is more a mean of transportation. It is a way to reach from one place to another.

I have no idea how it became a cult kind of thing or how it achieved this status of being a symbol of “bad boys” and “criminals” or even adventure. I spent three years of my life traveling pillion on the bike, and I do not see the bikes as good or bad. They are not glamorous as they are showcased on the movie(they are back-breaking for long journeys!). they are not comfortable, and they are not only owned by the bad boys. So this story of bike being a warning sign is still a mystery to me: one I will never be able to unravel.