D= Doomed Characters/Relationships= Bookish Confession#4

I have already written a post about my fascination with the “love that cannot be” in recent past. Today’s post with “D” is extension of that post.

Doomed characters is not a term that I am aware of, but in simple terms, these are the characters which are doomed for failure in whatever they want. There is no fault of theirs… it is just that the universe is against them, the whole world is against them, and even their allies are against them. Similar is the case with the doomed relationship. Everything is just against them.

I  am not a big fan of sad endings, but I do want to confess that these doomed characters and relationships stay in my mind for longer time. With their echoes of “what ifs”, they stay fresh in my mind. I can recollect every doomed character or relationship I read about, while I am likely to forget the happily-ended characters.

It is not just the struggles which make me think about them, but it is more like the sense of connection I feel with these stories and characters. The recent example will be the book I talked about earlier, “The Summer that Melted everything”. The main character of the story is doomed from the start and he remains so. Similarly Scarlett from Gone with the Wind, she definitely is a resourceful woman, but doomed forever to search for the place to belong. Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights as well is doomed from the start till the end.

I have no idea why I relate with these characters, but I do. I mean I am not a person who is leading a difficult life, yet these characters are there in my mind forever.

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