L=Letters=Bookish Confession#12

The people who have followed my blog for a long time, or those who know me can vouch for my fascination with letters. I think this comes with being the writer myself.

I belong to the messaging generation. XOXO, LOL, b4, u, luv, etc. have been my regular vocabulry for so long. In fact I had to practice writing in full forms in 2011. Such was my addiction. I recall a time when we used to 1500 text messages free for 15 days after paying some amount. I am a person who finished those in 1 day (and no, it was not a one-sided conversation). So, I get texting, IMing an Whatsapping. I truly do.

But then at the same time, I am in love with letters. The letters carry a part of the writer with them. The messages are the quick way to tell something, while the letters are the planned ways to express, to speak, and to tell the story. Letters are not mere words. They are the culmination of feelings, a bundle of emotions, and a harbinger of the news.

I know this is romanticizing letter, but then also, I cannot stop myself. This is the case with the books too. I have to read the book which says that it has letters in it. The conversation via letters is my favorite kind of conversation. I am truly embarassed to say that the author has already won me halfway if the book has the theme of the letters.

Despite this, I have encountered some awful books based on letters, but these have been few. This makes me question my reviewing hobby, but we all have our guilty pleasures. Letters are mine.

P.S. I do get some cards and letters from my pen pals, and I guess they make me happy in real life too. One of the regrets I will have forever is that there is a letter somewhere which never reached me and which I will never get to read. So I guess letters get to me outside the book world too.

K=Kidnapper andd stockholm’s syndrome= Bookish Confession#11

With K, I would like to bring the most perplexing theme for me– the kidnapping stories and the Stockholm syndrome. The first time I read about it was in the book, a fiction romance or something. I ignored the word (no dictionary or internet at hand then).  Second time I encountered in another forgettable Indian novel.

Then I read a story on Wattpad. This story talked about Stockholm syndrome and how the character fell for her kidnapper. I was interested in understanding why and what was happening. Why would somebody fall for their kidnapper; the life was not supposed to happen like that.

Next came the book called Stolen: Letter to my captor. The book is written in the form of a letter to the kidnapper and explains how her feeling moved between desire and anger. It is a weird book, the kind which you need to keep down after a few pages so that you can think about what is possible or not. The reality and mirages blurred together for me after reading the book.

I am still perplexed with this syndrome. I have read a lot on it. I have read essays, heard documentaries, and podcasts about it, but then I still remain perplexed. Probably it is something which victims can tell better, and I as a spectator(or a reader) cannot get. Probably it is just an attempt to turn another “bad person of life into a good memory”, but I still don’t get the “why” of it.

I met someone once. Her story was unbelievable. She said she was kidnapped and kept captive. I met her in an online community, and she told me she was afraid for her life. She had run away from her kidnapper after 20 years. I was a reviewer for her novel where she described her story. To say I was disturbed would be an understatement. I had no idea how to help her, whether she was even telling the truth, or even the country she lived in. She was secretive, and I was actually busy in my non-trusting mode (One of my online encounter gone wrong in real life at that time).  That further enhanced the Stockholm Syndrome weirdness for me. As I read more into the novel, I wondered more and more about this “love for kidnapper” thing.

Stockholm Syndrome


The psychological tendency of hostage to bond with captor

I have no idea where this online person is now (her novels are all gone!). I do believe that Stockholm syndrome does exist, but if anyone ever asks me to explain the why of it, I will probably just shrug; I don’t think I can answer this question still.


J=Jails= Bookish Confession#10

I  had to think about this letter. A lot. I wanted to Jaguar first, but then I settled on the word Jail. Also, known as prison. This post refers to the noun “Jail”/”Prison”. The verbs are there too, I know, but that’s not what my confession is about. This is about the real jails, not metphorical ones.

I am a reader who is fascinated by Jails. I guess I have read about all kind of jails: The fantasy jails like Sky cells of Game of Thrones, the dungeons of the gothic novels, the ships which were used to transport the millions of prisoner (not jail per se, but horrible than that), the modern day jails etc. I am equally fascinated by the relationships that is formed between the inmates, but I am more curious about the walls and the rods and the chains and the jails themselves.

I understand my perception might be more about the atrocities, but I feel that the walls of jails carry so many stories in them. You scratch the surface, and there will come a story (doesn’t matter which one) tumbling down from its stone. Sometimes, I wonder if the walls absorb the thoughts and reflect back slowly in their outlook.

I have never really seen a jail. I have seen the relics of the past dungeons in the forts, but no real jails. But even in those dungeons, I feel like there must be story hidden there in the walls of the jail. I wonder if the walls made the inmate repent their mistakes (or if the culprit was wrongly mistaken, was there some comfort the culprit got through these walls?

I know it is the imagination of mine, but the jails just represent to me sinister places where the evil seeps in the stones.



Hey there, readers. I am back again. I missed three-four days again. Power cut was one reason, and second reason was the trip I am leaving for in like 2 hours. I am off to see baby turtles hatching up in a village of Maharashtra. This is the trip I have been planning for past two years.

So, I am catching up on all my posts and scheduling the one for tomorrow. The timer is on.

So, the for I, I want to talk about Instalove or what we know as love at first sight. I am a romantic at heart, or so I like to think. (I can see some people snorting at that, but you have your opinion and let us agree to disagree?!)

But howsoever romantic I might be, I just can’t get into Romeo and Juliet thoughts. I have felt instant connection to people, not necessarily romantic connection, but just like the shadow of connection that could bind us. But nothing as concrete that will force me to follow somebody to the “circles of hell” or that will amke me leave behind family and friends.

In fact, I am the person who believes in falling in love with soul along with the looks (probably soul more than the looks).

And then there is the love of YA which makes them defy everything and makes plans for marriage and life. They are even ready to defy the life. I am not saying that there is no true love or forever love for Young Adults, but then the life is too young to know about all this stuff.

I mean I have seen people divorcing after 30 years of married life, I have known a Lesbian who came out at the age of 50, and I have met the people who married at the age of 18 just after the school.  So, there is no right and wrong in that terms perhaps, but I have never seen someone not having any faults. Nobody is perfect, and nothing remains same forever, not even love.

So, instalove might seem romantic to someone, but to me, it is stupid. Romeo and Juliet is not a romance, but plain craziness, a question mark on the word love. There is a quote in the book Eleanor and Park which I quoted in my Review too. There is this conversation from the novel again:

“Romeo and Juliet are just two rich kids who’ve always gotten every little thing they want. And now, they think they want each other.”

“They’re in love…” Mr. Stessman said, clutching his heart.

“They don’t even know each other.”

“It was love at first sight.”

“It was ‘Oh my God, he’s so cute’ at first sight… it’s Shakespeare making fun of love.”

There is nothing called Instalove. Love has to be built, nurtured, and developed. There is an instant connection, and there will be many in anybody’s life, but not every connection translate into love or romance. Some are not even worth exploring.

I guess, despite being the romance reader, I  am the kind of a practical romantic.