Hey there, readers. I am back again. I missed three-four days again. Power cut was one reason, and second reason was the trip I am leaving for in like 2 hours. I am off to see baby turtles hatching up in a village of Maharashtra. This is the trip I have been planning for past two years.

So, I am catching up on all my posts and scheduling the one for tomorrow. The timer is on.

So, the for I, I want to talk about Instalove or what we know as love at first sight. I am a romantic at heart, or so I like to think. (I can see some people snorting at that, but you have your opinion and let us agree to disagree?!)

But howsoever romantic I might be, I just can’t get into Romeo and Juliet thoughts. I have felt instant connection to people, not necessarily romantic connection, but just like the shadow of connection that could bind us. But nothing as concrete that will force me to follow somebody to the “circles of hell” or that will amke me leave behind family and friends.

In fact, I am the person who believes in falling in love with soul along with the looks (probably soul more than the looks).

And then there is the love of YA which makes them defy everything and makes plans for marriage and life. They are even ready to defy the life. I am not saying that there is no true love or forever love for Young Adults, but then the life is too young to know about all this stuff.

I mean I have seen people divorcing after 30 years of married life, I have known a Lesbian who came out at the age of 50, and I have met the people who married at the age of 18 just after the school.  So, there is no right and wrong in that terms perhaps, but I have never seen someone not having any faults. Nobody is perfect, and nothing remains same forever, not even love.

So, instalove might seem romantic to someone, but to me, it is stupid. Romeo and Juliet is not a romance, but plain craziness, a question mark on the word love. There is a quote in the book Eleanor and Park which I quoted in my Review too. There is this conversation from the novel again:

“Romeo and Juliet are just two rich kids who’ve always gotten every little thing they want. And now, they think they want each other.”

“They’re in love…” Mr. Stessman said, clutching his heart.

“They don’t even know each other.”

“It was love at first sight.”

“It was ‘Oh my God, he’s so cute’ at first sight… it’s Shakespeare making fun of love.”

There is nothing called Instalove. Love has to be built, nurtured, and developed. There is an instant connection, and there will be many in anybody’s life, but not every connection translate into love or romance. Some are not even worth exploring.

I guess, despite being the romance reader, I  am the kind of a practical romantic.


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