J=Jails= Bookish Confession#10

I  had to think about this letter. A lot. I wanted to Jaguar first, but then I settled on the word Jail. Also, known as prison. This post refers to the noun “Jail”/”Prison”. The verbs are there too, I know, but that’s not what my confession is about. This is about the real jails, not metphorical ones.

I am a reader who is fascinated by Jails. I guess I have read about all kind of jails: The fantasy jails like Sky cells of Game of Thrones, the dungeons of the gothic novels, the ships which were used to transport the millions of prisoner (not jail per se, but horrible than that), the modern day jails etc. I am equally fascinated by the relationships that is formed between the inmates, but I am more curious about the walls and the rods and the chains and the jails themselves.

I understand my perception might be more about the atrocities, but I feel that the walls of jails carry so many stories in them. You scratch the surface, and there will come a story (doesn’t matter which one) tumbling down from its stone. Sometimes, I wonder if the walls absorb the thoughts and reflect back slowly in their outlook.

I have never really seen a jail. I have seen the relics of the past dungeons in the forts, but no real jails. But even in those dungeons, I feel like there must be story hidden there in the walls of the jail. I wonder if the walls made the inmate repent their mistakes (or if the culprit was wrongly mistaken, was there some comfort the culprit got through these walls?

I know it is the imagination of mine, but the jails just represent to me sinister places where the evil seeps in the stones.


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