M=Music, arts and other creative outlet

I have had real bad news in last few days. The hangover of the trip was not yet over when I got the news. I have been so disturbed, feeling hopeless, moping all around and ranting at the universe in general. But that does not excuse anything.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. M for me equates music . And now, you must be wondering what has music got to do with novels. But it has.
Let me take you to a regency world where almost everyone know how to play music. It is actually considered a  “marriageable” skill in women. First time I read it, it sounded funny. In olden days, Indian women use to showcase their embroidery and cooking skills, while in regency novels, there was the musical talent– singing, playing the piano, etc. I guess skills varies from region to region!

Then there were male characters impressing with their clear and high voice.

I have nothing against music, but I am so glad not to be borne in that era. With my kind of voice and my absent musical talents, I might had been a torture to the people. 😛

Travel and bit further and one can encounter the modern storyline novels especially the ones with focus on bands. So many of bands and rivalries. And all of them dripping with so called hotness. One has to wonder since when did music become associated with looks!
I don’t have anything against music but these scenes make me think how unmusical I am.

I actually get the similar feeling with the other arts as well. I recall a series of Nora Roberts from my college days in which one heroine was an artist, one was a glass maker, and another was a sculptor(I think). I might not remember the profession of all heroines, but I do remember the thought that came with the stories: why can’t I do all that stuff?!

So here I am with my  untalented  self, reading these books and feeling incompetent. Then I look at the stories and words that I have written, and a bit of confidence comes back.

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