N=Never ending series

I am catching up with the missed letters. I should be on schedule by tomorrow. Let us continue with the letter N. There was no need to think about N. For all those who have heard my rants in past are aware about this rant.

N is for never ending series. There are so many of them out there. They start with a bang–a perfect world, beautifully different characters, and interesting storylines– and then they go on and on and on. Thee comes a time when all the books start merging into one another and each book start feeling like a repeat of other.

The novelty of the new stories end. I am not talking of the books with 10-20 books, although even they can be tiring at times, but series with 40-50 books. I remember a series of Janet Evanovich which I read way back(They were available for Rs. 10 near mh school, and they could be returned for 5 bucks them). The book had some 17 books or so, but all so similar. I could fast forward some of the scenes to get to the meatier parts of the story. Even the sass of the heroine lost its joy.

That happens with so many series. And that’s why I believe that the series needs to end. They should be written with end in sight. It is easy to cash in the success of the series for an author. I truly get how difficult it is to succeed in writing world. But in the end, authors end up alienating the readers by diluting the quality of books.

Probably this is I being high-and-mighty about things I don’t know, but I am talking as a reader, and I definitely know what I don’t like.


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