O= One True Pairing= Bookish Confession#15

For O, I have selected OTP. I know these days OTP is more synonymous with one time password (at least in India it is), but for me, OTP will first be one true pairing and shipping wars. Have you ever been in shipping wars? When you are so into the story that you just want two characters to be together and rest of the characters(character, if it’s a triangle love story) to slink away from the pages of the book?

OTP is a little less heard word in the book world (at least in my limited book world), but it is quite common in the dramaland.  If you look at wikidpedia, there are types of shipping and OTPs defined too.  I have never put them in practice, but it’s an amusing thing to think about the king of OTP I am utilizing.

When I read the books, I tend to ship characters. Sometimes I get so engrossed in the story, that I would be murmuring on my own to be own. Sometimes, it gets so overwhelming that I have to make dialogues in my mind to bring the OTP characters together, and I think the weirdest part is that the character might not be having any romantic association in the story. But then shipping and OTP is an integral part of the story, and giving the life to the characters is an integral part of reading experience (I have been known to give dialogues to villains too, but that’s for another post).

The only thing that I have not done is fight or argue with the people about who should be the OTP of the series. I have seen it happening, but never participated in it. Probably the urge has not been that strong or maybe, I am a tolerant person with the views (This really is a distant possibility).

Do you take part in shipping? Find OTPs in the dramas and books?

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