Rape, Force, and Consent

This is actually not a rant because I believe that the difference is on how things are perceived, but for R I want to talk a bit about rape, force, and consent. There was a time when I used to devour romance novels. So I guess I can now half-guess the plot already. One thing that bothered me then and now is how the sex is treated in the books. One can find so many books where forced intercourse and lack of consent is treated lightly. It is all considered as the way to bring women closer to the men.
And in these stories, the seduction and intercourse end up appearing like rape. It is supposed to give the tingly feeling to the readers, but instead end up being so disgusting. The worst part is that the writer wants us to believe that such scenes are okay, that such instances are okay. In fact, in one of the authors that I like, Lisa Kleypas, confronted the issue in her interviews. She confessed that she has used such forced seductions in past, but now she is more in the favor of both male and female characters being on equal footing.
But that is still true in many of scenes that are shown. They practically border on being rapes(Gone with the Wind movie scene, ahem!), but they are never dissected or questioned because they are in the “flow of the story”(True words someone once quoted). But Love is all about respect, even if it is a no. Love does not allow anybody to forego consent. Period. 

It is the duty of the writer to understand this and readers to let not these scenes color their perception. And probably it is the duty of readers to visualize the scene right.

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