Announcement for April and Theme for A to Z Challenge of 2019

Hello to new and existing readers. I am so very excited to be writing this post. I know I should have announced it, but then I couldn’t, but I am participating in A to Z blog challenge. I know I have failed in the past; hopefully, this time I will fare better through the month and sail through all the alphabets.

My theme, you ask?

These alphabetical posts will cover the real and fictional places in the books that have made me want to visit those places or have left their mark on me. Some of my travel bucket-list have developed from reading ( and of course from watching movies as well). But this A-to-Z challenge is about the books and different places that are covered in the books.

I had decided about this around 15 days back, but I could not figure out the places I want to talk about for some of the pesky letters, and so I decided to read the books which will allow me to explore the places for those alphabets. I never really thought that A-to-Z challenge would turn into a reading challenge as well, but somehow it did. It took me this long to sort out all my alphabets and arrange them in the sequence I like. That’s why my post is here as a last-minute announcement. Beware, April is just around the corner.

Apart from the reading life, I have a lot of projects going on right now. Sadly, none of them pays me. But I am learning and finding my writing voice (and of course reading a bit more). My muse has finally returned from her vacation and is dancing in my mind with new ideas. My head is buzzing with these ideas—for my blog, writing, reading, watching etc.

See you tomorrow with a bookish place that starts with alphabet A.